Why You Really Need to Add the NutriBullet to Your Amazon Shopping Cart This Prime Day

Today is Prime Day, and yes, there are huge discounts on the Instant Pot today. But there’s another handy little kitchen gadget you shouldn’t underestimate on Amazon right now: the NutriBullet. This little blender is quite possibly the most useful, genius device you’ll ever have in your kitchen.

Make no mistake, the NutriBullet is not your average blender. The special patented nutrient extractor blades break down and granulate the stems, seeds, and skins in your fruits and vegetables, releasing the vitamins and minerals inside. The result: a silky-smooth texture in your smoothies and juices (bye, annoying chunks!).

This gadget is several kitchen appliances rolled into one—a juicer, blender, and mixer—so you can make much more than fresh OJ and açaí bowls. For breakfast, use it to beat eggs to make an omelet, grind coffee, or mix homemade pancake and waffle batter. For lunch, skip the premade dips, canned sauces, and salad dressings and puree your own pesto, tomato sauce, hummus, or green goddess dressing (total #adulting). For dinner, nothing is as delicious as homemade soup; blend up a butternut squash soup for your next night in with your roommate or significant other. Plus, not having a separate mixer is no longer a problem, because you can whip up your own pantry staples such as nut butter or desserts like ice cream, homemade brownies, and whipped cream in a pinch with the NutriBullet.

Is there really anything this little baby can’t do? On top of everything else, it’s portable and small, a huge win for tiny apartment dwellers; it saves space and can be easily stashed away. But one of our favorite features is that it is so easy to clean. Unlike other blenders where you have to  play mechanic and take them fully apart in order to give them a good wash (who has the time?), cleaning the NutriBullet is as simple as twisting off the blade and rinsing it with soap and water. Plus, the cups are top-rack dishwasher safe.

The best part: There’s a huge sale on these little devices today for Prime Day. The NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender model is marked down today to $45 (it’s usually $60). We’ll be adding one or two (hey, they make great gifts) into our shopping carts today.

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