Experts Reveal the Best New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make for Your Career This 2019!

Want to improve your career this 2019 but don’t know where to start? These career mentors share the top New Years Resolutions you can apply to improve your career and professional life.

Be Proactive

If you’re stuck in a boring or dull job, it’s time to change it for the better this year 2019. The career mentors say it’s not necessary for you to leave your current job, though (unless you’re not really happy and it’s not fulfilling anymore.). They mean you have to negotiate with your boss for flexibility at work.

Take the time to schedule an appointment with your boss or HR to share your sentiments. If you think you’ll increase your productivity by starting your day earlier or late, propose a working schedule to your superior.

Find a job or working condition that suits your needs and preference to increase your productivity.

If you think you’ll be able to focus more on working on your task in a peaceful and quiet place, ask to move your workstation to a solemn environment. If you think you’re not motivated to do repetitive, boring tasks, tell your boss you want a challenge and take a different and new task. You and your boss might come to a compromise or negotiation to improve your working condition.

Get Paid For Your Worth.

If you think you’re undervalued despite all the hard work and “extra miles” you’ve rendered to submit a high-quality standard of work and be productive, the career mentors recommend it’s time for you to negotiate for a raise or promotion you deserve. This may seem nerve-wracking, but the career mentors recommend you fight for your value and work. Remember that you worked hard to earn the skills you gained. So, you need to get paid for what you’re worth.

They also remind you that cash isn’t the only form of compensation you can ask for, though. You can negotiate for other benefits and perks like paid vacation leaves, insurances, healthcare, recreational activities, ability to work remotely, etc. You need to be more proactive in pursuing what you deserve and what you want.

Make an Impact.

Even if you’ve managed to finish your tasks for the day or submit your projects and deadlines on time, some people feel as if there’s still a hole in their heart. They feel as if what they’re doing is just a normal routine that comes and goes as the days pass by.

If you’re feeling this way, the career mentors say it’s time for you to create an impact. Work on something that may give an impact to your company, colleagues, or to the public.

Work on creating an impact or a legacy that will make people remember your contributions.

You can extend your influence by mentoring the young workers and impart the skills you’ve learned to pass it onto the next generation. If not, you may volunteer to lead a team or project you’re confident in taking. If not, maybe it’s time for you to pursue your passion and leave your safe zone. Whatever it is that you need to do, the career mentors recommend you to start working on it.

Be Productive

If you think you’re not progressing well on accomplishing your tasks, projects, and goals, then the career mentors recommend you increase your productivity by managing your time and to-do list efficiently. They recommend you use a time diary to log in every activity you make.

This app will show how much time you’re spending on activities and how much you’re slacking off. In this way, you can divert your slack-off time to working on important tasks to refocus your efforts and time. In the long run, this will help improve your productivity.

Honor Your Boundaries

One of the main reasons why most people get sidetracked to anything they’re working on is a distraction. Whenever we receive an email or social media notification either at work or in our personal time, we tend to entertain it first.

Thus, losing our focus and decreasing our productivity in the process. To eliminate distractions, you need to set and honor your boundaries. Identify your priorities and work on your important tasks first. Assess whether the notifications you receive deserve your attention, energy, and time.

Set boundaries when it comes to distractions. Work on your important tasks on designated time and you can relax later.

Is it urgent and important that you reply to it as soon as possible? If it’s a message from your client or boss, then you need to address it as soon as possible. If not, then you can leave it for now and attend to it later when you have free time.

Setting your schedules like working for the day and having personal time with your family or yourself during the night is also a great way of setting your boundaries. When you’re spending time with family and friends, do not attend to any calls relating to work (or vice versa) unless it’s an emergency.

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