The Results Are In: This Is Australia's Most Popular Sex Toy

May is National Masturbation Month, so what better time to mix up your sex life by introducing a sex toy – whether it’s with your partner or by yourself!

Lovehoney has released the results of a national survey on masturbation, finding that there were three main sex toys that Australians choose when they get down to business. They surveyed 1,212 Australians (715 men and 472 women), of which 64% prefer to masturbate with sex toys.

The most popular sex toys were…

1. The Rabbit Vibrator (17%)


The rabbit vibrator is known for providing internal and external stimulation at once that can let you combine orgasms.

2. The Bullet Vibrator (17%)


The bullet is a more subtle sex toy that can easily be disguised as lipstick or mascara. It is best designed for clitoral stimulation.

3. The Dildo (12%)

Meanwhile, the dildo is best for internal stimulation. It can be quite realistic and provide a lifelike experience.

An Australian Study of Health and Relationships in 2014 found that 42% of Australian women had masturbated in the past year compared to 72% of men. However Lovehoney’s survey found that women were more likely to use sex toys solo than men, with 90% of women who masturbated using sex toys compared to 30% of men.

So ladies, you know what to do…

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