Robyn Lawley Strips Down To Lingerie With A Strong Message For Women

Model, Robyn Lawley, has striped down to her lingerie with a strong message for women around the world.

The 27-year-old took two photos to demonstrate the impact that different camera angles and poses can have a massive impact. Taken within just minutes of each other with the same clothing, make-up and setting the pictures look completely different.

My 'Back in Brooklyn' lingerie set from @weloveshag #handmade

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She captioned the picture “just a reminder people how quickly somebody can look through a different angle and pose. @iskra mimicked how people do the ‘thigh gap pose’ for photos ?. Angles, retouching, position all can dramatically change a body. I’m content with my body and I only eat high quality local food, a lot I grew myself. So it’s also affordable, farmers markets are usually cheaper than supermarkets higher quality produce. I believe the highest quality food is what is key, it’s so rich you don’t eat much and you need to eat a lot of local seasonal vegetables. And perhaps start a garden and nurture Mother ? Nature back.”

We love the positive message about body confidence that Robyn is spreading.

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