10 Super-Random Traits Guys Find Really Hot

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Before you roll your eyes, hear us out. That weird freckle on your forehead or the shape of your nose might annoy the hell out of you, but to someone else it could be the thing that makes you most special and gorge.

Want proof? In one epic thread, the men of Reddit shared the unconventional attributes they find most attractive in a mate. Here are the dudes’ most out-there responses:

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Resting B*tch Face 

“Women who look like they hate me. Like, obviously, I don’t want them to actually hate me, but resting b*tch face just does it for me.” —Swampfyr

Bad Dancers

“Women who are terrible dancers. If your attempts at dancing look like a dry-heave set to music, I’m into it.” —Reddit user (his account was deleted but his comment remains on Reddit)

Tired Eyes 

“Bags under a girls eyes. I had a huge crush on Brittany Murphy because of that. And my girlfriend kinda looks like a raccoon because of her eye bags, which I find adorable.” —yosol

Bored Beauties

“Yawning. Or anything equally tired. If they made sleepy/bored porn, I’d never leave my room.” —YourDailyDevil

A Growly Voice

“Deep voices from women. Emma Stone could talk to me for days and I wouldn’t get distracted.” —Nevermind04


“Canine teeth (for girls) Don’t judge.” —Reddit user

Your Nose

“Big noses. Dunno why. WHO NOSE? But seriously though, I think they’re great.” —Dilsenberg

80s Hair

“Girls who have that crazy, puffy, curly hair. Probably because I was really into a girl who had hair like that in high school. Maybe it’s just some kind of association related instinct, but I love it.” —awesomeness032

Big Ears 

“Ears that stick out. The farther out the better. I think they’re adorable.” —Reddit user

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Total Disdain 

“When my wife looks at me, completely unimpressed by my actions. Sounds weird, but I love it.” —LuxFixxins

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