Vegan to the year start: behind The diet trend of “Veganuary

Vegetables, pans, pasta dishes and Desserts On Instagram is all about in January to a vegan diet.

Under the Hashtag #veganuary can be found not only suggestions for vegan dishes, but also personal testimonials and product recommendations.

Behind the Trend is the action of an eponymous charity organization that was founded in the year 2014 is.

“Veganuary of the change in the public attitude towards veganism is dedicated and provides all the information and practical support needed to make the Transition to veganism so easy and pleasant as possible,” reads the website.

Veganuary aims to facilitate the entry

“Many combine Veganuary with their new year’s resolutions, and view a vegan diet as the healthiest way to Start the year,” writes the organization.

Also the love for animals, your health, and a sense of responsibility towards the environment are frequent reasons for this to completely dispense with animal food.

But what ever may be the reason is that for Veganuary is about to feed on a month-long vegan.

“Discover a whole new world of taste. We guarantee you that you’ll feel by the end of the month, fantastic!” the organization further.

Vegan diet: proof of the pudding is in the eating

The idea is not to give a vegan diet a Chance – even if normally entirely on animal products.

In the social networks, the good is: “#veganuary was thrilled with the impetus I needed”, was an Instagram-user in 2019.

“There is now really ALL alternative products, so there is no reason to feel as a Vegan to miss out on anything,” notes another user.

Also national and international celebrities will participate in the action to do to animal, environmental and human Good.

“If you look at the climate crisis, or the abuses in our food system, can overcome the feeling of helplessness. But there is something you can immediately do can: do with to try it this January vegan”, incentive, for example, Hollywood actor Joaquin Phoenix to participate in the #veganuary.

Judith Kerstgens

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