Consumer advocates are calling for: Nutri-Score is not only for Prime examples

When purchasing food to be worth it, soon a second look at many of the wraps on the new nutritional logo Nutri-Score. After a long dispute, preparations for a Start in German supermarkets on a wider Front to run in the meantime.

But the question is: with Make a voluntary Extra-label for sugar, fat and salt in finished products, so many manufacturers that customers will really get a new comparison?

The consumer organizations put pressure for a possible nationwide use.

It is to be welcomed that some manufacturers and supermarket chains have already a good example, said the head of the consumer center Federal Association (vzbv), Klaus Müller, the German press Agency.

It would not be but in the sense of the inventor, particularly in the products would be marked with a favourable nutritional balance. "I have to know, where too much salt, too much fat, too much sugar in it – and not just the Prime examples."

More clarity through a uniform food labeling

Müller called on the Federal food Minister, Julia Klöckner (CDU) in the German EU presidency in the second half of the year 2020 for a Europe-wide mandatory labelling strong. Only then consumers could inform a truly comprehensive and it would be an effective contribution, that product formulations change.

"We don’t want to make his frozen pizza maggoty. But a frozen pizza can contain more or less fat and salt."

Klöckner had determined after a long dispute over a clearer marking on the Nutri-Score and a regulation on the way to establish the legal framework for voluntary use in Germany.

Probably in January you will be for approval to Brussels sent. In force, you could then occur at the earliest in the second half of the year 2020, as stated by the Ministry. Klöckner also speaks on EU-level about the topic.

The French-born Nutri-Score-System in addition to the content of sugar, fat and salt values of components, such as proteins or dietary fiber is a recommend in a overall rating, and then specifies a single value – on a five-point scale of "A" on a dark green field for the most favorable balance sheet on a yellow "C" up to a red "E" for the worst case. The appropriate field is highlighted.

The Logo on the front of the pack is intended to complement the EU-wide mandatory nutritional value table, which is usually in small print on the back, or even more hidden parts of the pack.

The first products with Nutri-Score are already available to buy in supermarkets.

Nutri-Score is based on the French model provides for dispute

Several major manufacturers are in favour of the Logo. Some of the trade have announced that chains to it, at least for parts of their own brands to introduce. In the industry, but there are a variety of positions.

The food Association as the peak organisation called for for a successful introduction should, for the good and for the protection of customer and company "Widersprüche" be resolved. All rights to the French health authority were currently.

All of the eating habits to depict in Europe, should go to the sovereign to a higher-level European Institution. Necessary Changes in the calculation bases are.

So the effective proportion of fruit and vegetables in the Nutri should include a Score not only canola, olive, and walnut oil, but more recommended vegetable oils. For this purpose, account is also taken of potatoes, should also be considered.

Consumer advocates Müller called the initiative a "relatively cheap Ablenkungsmanöver" and referred to the advantages of the single EU internal market. If there were different French, German, or Danish Nutri-Score-markings, this would be a confusion for the consumer and expensive for food manufacturers.

"Such a dumb mist candle I have seen rare." It is good that the French had said to the inventor, in the case of a EU-wide roll-out algorithm, and the derivation would be decided upon on a European level.

The Ministry explained that after an appropriate assessment of the Federal private, Max-Rubner-research Institute see currently no "acute Optimierungsbedarf" in the calculation method. Reasoned and reasonable adjustments but are not excluded also.

In an accompanying panel of countries with interest in the Nutri-Score, which advises on proposals, will in future have to go with the German scientists.

Possible Changes in the calculation method, but should not jeopardize the overall concept of the Nutri-Scores – for political or economic reasons, they were excluded.


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