Pink’s Trainer Shares The Equipment-Free Butt Exercise She Swears By

Wondering how Pink stays so dang fit? Well, it’s in large part thanks to her fitness guru Jeanette Jenkins.

The celeb trainer – who has also worked with the likes of Alicia Keys and Mindy Kahling during her 27 years in the biz – has appeared on the TODAY show to share one of the best butt exercises in her repertoire.

It’s called the “butt blaster” and it targets two different areas of your booty – the gluteus maximus and the often neglected gluteus medius.

“This is really good for people who can’t do lunges because you’re just doing an isometric pose,” Jeanette says as she demonstrates the move.

Isometric exercises are a type of strength movement in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction. They’re done in static positions, which is great for increasing strength and stability while reducing stress on sore joints.

You can watch it in action below. 

“With lunges, your knee and joints are continually extending and flexing,” Jeanette explained to SELF, “Every time you lunge up and down, the knee has to bend.”

“By finding a pose and holding it, your muscles are put to work without any extra wear and tear on your joints.”

To nail the move, position your feet together and sit into a chair pose sinking your weight into your heels. Extend one leg backwards and tap the ground before bringing it back to centre. Extend that same leg to the right and tap the ground before bring it back to centre. Repeat that move 25 times.

To finish the move, hold the warrior three yoga position for 10 breaths. 

“The leg that is stationary is really doing all of the work because it’s supporting all of your bodyweight,” she explains.

We can feel the burn just thinking about it. 

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