Introducing One Of Australia's Hottest Trainers Drew Harrisberg

Not only is Drew an exercise physiologist- aka an expert in prescribing exercise and lifestyle modification (his focus is on helping people with chronic disease)- he’s also a diabetes educator. Why? He was diagnosed with type 1 five years ago, at 23. 

“I had this massive life-changing moment,” he says. “I had to learn how to safely exercise again, how to eat and manage my blood-sugar levels. Now patients trust I can resonate because I’ve got [their disease] myself.” 

And one of the Fitbit ambassador’s top sweat tips? Don’t underestimate the power of walking.

“It [helps] stabilise your blood sugar after a meal, and if you do that, it changes the fate of the nutrients you’ve eaten. It helps you burn fat, but it’s also extremely good for your mood.” 

Train like Drew

“Learn how to use your body weight. You can do a full-body resistance workout in 20 mins or less, and get loads of benefits.” 

His must-have kit? Olympic rings- which he brought to our shoot! “I travel with them- they hang on everything so you have a gym wherever you are.” 

Random Intrigue

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