3 mistakes that (almost) Everyone while Sleeping

Lie down and be good? It’s not that simple, unfortunately, as more and more people suffer from sleep disorders and have problems in the sleep. The good News: even small changes in everyday life can ensure a better sleep at night. Here are three expert tips on what mistakes you should avoid. (Here you will find tips on how to fall asleep is best)

Sleep Mistake #1: Night Sports

In the evening, a quick visit to the Work-out? It really comes down to Timing: in the Evening, sports can lead to falling asleep faster. This should lift between Barbell and bed time, but three-hour break, otherwise, the Cortisol hormone level in the blood is too high and prevents restful sleep!

Sleep Mistake #2: Wrong Position

Most people like to sleep lying on the side with your legs curled up – because due to prolonged Sitting in the office routine, the trunk muscles have shortened, and it feels like the ergo comfortably. Therefore, it can be for back pain is helpful to sleep instead stretched out to stretch the shortened muscles. Even better: When Lying the chin, in addition, a slight downward pull, so that the lordosis (is removed from the Desk, the usual hyperextension of the cervical spine).

Sleep mistake #3: Only short…

The “Snooze”button, and again ten minutes longer to sleep? Very tempting, but, unfortunately, nonsense. Really more relaxed you Wake up until an hour later. So prefer the Snooze button for save completely. (More tips on healthy sleep can be found here)

This article was written by (Constantin Herrmann)

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