More relaxing nights: How to calculate his optimal sleep time

Headaches, exhaustion and even depression – sleep deprivation can have many consequences and should be prevented absolutely.

Since each person requires a different amount of sleep at night, it is important to figure out how to give his body the best possible night’s sleep.

This is just the right mattress, a well-set slatted and calming rituals are not important, but also sleep patterns, duration and intensity of sleep.

So important sleep is sufficient

The human being spends about a third of his life Sleeping. To sleep repeatedly is not enough, this can affect your health.

To pour the beginning of the night, the body secretes growth hormones that promote sleep. They provide the stimulation of cell growth and cell regeneration – the man is so powerful and live longer.

During sleep, many body functions only on the back burner: blood pressure and blood sugar levels are reduced during deep sleep.

The opposite effect occurs in the case of too little sleep: The blood sugar level is permanently increased, so that increases rapidly and the risk of Diabetes rises.

In deep sleep all the metabolic processes to run on high tours. Damages to cells are repaired and the immune system is activated.

Sleep time to adjust to the needs of

For most people, the Wake-up time represents a constant – work, Uni or the kids call.

The time at which you sleep, however, depends on many different factors, of private life. Working hours, family obligations, the latest series on Netflix, or simply when you feel tired, determine the sleep time.

To feel the next day fit and rested, it is therefore all the more important, how much you sleep at night needed to sleep the rhythm of the external circumstances to adapt and to go to bed on time.

So much sleep is needed to stay healthy

The right amount of rest and sleep may differ actually depending on the age group.

A small child at the age of three months, according to the sleep guidelines from the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 14 to 17 hours of sleep while an adult Person needs aged 18 to 64 years of age, on average, only seven to nine hours night’s sleep.

So every person has different sleep needs, and, of course, can also occur within the same age group differences.

Some people need at least nine hours of sleep per night to feel rested, while others are in the same age group is of the opinion that seven hours of sleep are just the right amount.

The sleep times are based

In order to get enough sleep and to determine the optimal sleep time, you should take some things into consideration.

1. The time to get up to

His best time for Sleeping out, I feel it should be every night, aware of how much clock rings the next day, the alarm clock.

2. Time to fall Asleep into account

To determine the optimal sleep duration, may be available for up to 15 minutes for falling Asleep to with schedule.

3. Sleep cycles

Every night you should be able to a minimum of five to six 90-minute sleep cycles, so the body can perform the next day, his usual services – this corresponds to seven and a half to nine hours of sleep in the night.

Who is so torn up at seven in the morning from the Land of dreams and on the five 90-minute sleep cycle, which should begin at a quarter after eleven in the evening, his sleep time.

Who puts on six 90-minute sleep cycles, a value for which is already announced at a quarter before ten night’s sleep.

Antonia Hagedorn

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