Watch: Ranbir Kapoor doing a headstand is sure to beat your Monday blues

We came across a video of actor Ranbir Kapoor doing a clean headstand. Take a look here.

There is no denying that keeping oneself motivated on a Monday morning can seem like a task, especially when it comes to workout schedules. If this Monday morning, you are struggling to keep pace, here is some fitness inspiration, right from Bollywood.

Inverted asanas have become extremely popular with a lot of people, and leading the pack are Bollywood celebrities. We came across a video of actor Ranbir Kapoor doing a clean headstand, and we are in awe.

Check it out here.

In the post, which was shared by fitness trainer Kuldeep Shashi on the actor’s birthday, Kapoor can be seen balancing on the head with the support of is arms.

The inverted position, where the head is on the ground and the feet are up, or headstand or Sirsana is considered to be one of the main postures in Hatha Yoga which is also referred to as the king of asanas. This is because of its numerous benefits it has on the body as well as on the mind. Even though headstand is a challenging pose, it is very popular among yoga aficionados.

Whether you already practice the posture or are planning to learn it, you should know the following important facts about Sirsana in order to get most out of it, and to practice it safely.

Why should you consider this inverted posture?

When the practitioner comes into headstand position, not only the body inverts, the blood pressure also changes, especially in the head, neck, shoulders, veins, arteries, lungs as well as legs. This change in blood pressure forces the body to react in order to maintain balance in the different body systems. The muscles and tissues of upper extremities are also stressed, and therefore, activated. However, due to the body’s ability to keep the internal systems in check, a change in pressure is not harmful as long as the posture is done under expert guidance.

It is said that due to the reversal of blood pressure from feet to the head such that blood in the legs reduce to almost zero, many physiological benefits can be experienced.

Here are benefits of the inverted exercise

*Stimulates the functioning of pineal, hypothalamus and pituitary glands which helps in better functioning and coordination of all the endocrine glands
*Provides conditioning to the brain, eyes and ears due to increased blood pressure
*Improves memory and concentration
*Helps fight mental fatigue, depression and anxiety
*Improves the functioning of the central nervous system
*Gives some rest to the heart by reversing the blood pressure
*Activates the core by improving body posture
*Strengthens muscles of the back, shoulders and arms
*Improves blood and lymph circulation in the entire body; and
*Boosts metabolism

However, the pose is not for everyone. Due to the complex nature of the headstand not everyone is advised to practice it, including children under seven years of age, pregnant women, people who suffer from migraine, have hypertension or people with cardiac issues.

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