How To Recreate 5 Of The Sexiest '50 Shades' Scenes IRL

Forget Valentine’s Day – it’s time to celebrate the release of the latest (and last) 50 Shades film 50 Shades Freed.

So we’ve picked our five favourite scenes from the third book in E L James’ steamy series, to inspire you to try a little Ana and Christian-inspired role play.

Handcuffs (p38)

“Handcuffs! We’ve never used handcuffs.”

Somewhat surprisingly for a man whose toybox is groaning with the weight of all manner of restraint options, Christian has never used handcuffs with Ana.

With a blindfold and not one, but two pairs of cuffs, he treats his willing captive to a game of tease and control. Restraint can be unbelievably sexy, but add a blindfold into the mix and you instantly send arousal through the roof – not only does it enhance your lover’s senses and increase anticipation, it also means they have no idea which part of their body will be touched or kissed next. Remember to agree boundaries and settle on a safe word before you begin (Ana picked ‘popsicle’, so anything goes). 

Post car chase sex (p105)

“I want him. Now. That car chase was exciting. Too exciting. Terrifying…and the fear has jump-started my libido.”

Now, we’re not suggesting you take part in a death-defying car chase just so you can enjoy adrenaline-fuelled sex, or have sex in a car park – hanky-panky in public could land you into a whole heap of trouble.

If the thrill of getting caught in the act excites you, you could try foreplay in front of a window with the curtains open, or engaging in a little Fifty Shades role play while your car is parked safely out of sight in your driveway or garage.

Double penetration (p117)

“I try to assimilate all the sensations: the delicious fullness, the tantalising feeling that I am doing something forbidden, the erotic pleasure that spirals outward from deep within me.”

Christian uses a metal butt plug while he and Ana have sex in the Red Room, introducing her to the delights of double penetration.

Unless you’ve been busy furnishing your very own Red Room ever since reading the books, you might have to make do with recreating this scene in the bedroom. A butt plug, especially a slightly heavier metal one like the Beyond Erotic Butt Plug, puts pressure on the rear vaginal wall, creating a feeling of pleasurable fullness for the wearer during sex and intensifying orgasmic contractions. Experience a deeper level of intimacy with a vibrating version like the Feel So Alive Vibrating Pleasure Plug, which, when worn during sex, treats both partners to a suite of dizzying speeds and patterns.

Orgasm denial (p237)

‘’I’m awash with sensation, tingling everywhere, synapses firing as dark, dark need pools at the base of my belly.’’

In this scene, Christian blindfolds and restrains Ana, then uses a massage wand to tease her to the point of orgasm, torturing her with its intense vibrations and stopping at the brink of climax each time.

Orgasm denial is a type of play associated with bondage, used to create heightened arousal in the submissive partner. Take a tip from Christian and add the Crazy For You Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator to your box of tricks, so you can choose whether to subject your sub to low rumbly strokes or thigh-shaking vibrations. Adding restraint to your game of tease increases the feeling of erotic surrender in the sub, so add some silky Want To Play? Rope to your toybox and indulge in some seriously sexy ensnarement.

Putting on a show (p379)

“Now, Anastasia, I want you to touch yourself.” Holy cow. “Start at your throat and work down.”

Using a bathroom robe cord to tie her legs, Christian encourages Ana to touch herself while he looks on.

Masturbating for a partner can be a huge turn on for both parties. The sight of someone touching themselves is a visual treat for the person watching, and it allows the person putting on a show to explore exhibitionism and invite their partner to see them at their most vulnerable and exposed. It also reveals someone’s solo technique, which can help the person watching to hone their foreplay skills and become an expert at pleasuring their lover. You could incorporate a toy into the performance, too, like the Desire Blooms Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator, to take your arousal to soaring heights.

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