‘Firedooring’ Is The New Dating Trend That’s Probably Happening To You

Listen up, people – there’s a new term to add to your dating dialect and you’ve definitely experienced it before.

According to Metro, it’s called firedooring. It’s when your relationship only has access in one direction, much like a fire door you might find in an office building or shopping centre.

While this might just seem like straight-up rejection, writer Rebecca Reid explains it a little differently.

“Basically, if you have any kind of relationship with someone where all of the access comes from one side,” she writes for Metro, “And any attempt for you to make it a two-way street is shot down.”

You might still be texting, hanging out and hooking up, but communication, association and affection are all on their terms. 

“Got a guy who won’t ever text you back, but who you’ll drop everything for and head over to his flat if he calls? You’re being fire-doored.”

And it might be time to evacuate the relationship. 

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