Due to new Corona cases: authorities seal off in Beijing eleven residential areas

In addition to eleven residential areas of nine schools and kindergartens were closed, said authorities on Saturday in the Chinese capital at a press conference. Six of the new infections had been registered on Saturday.


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All the cases were in connection with the Xinfadi meat market. The chief said the state website of the Beijing News, the Virus had been detected on cutting boards, on which the imported salmon was processed. As the newspaper “Beijing Daily” reported, was attended by large supermarket chains such as Wumart and Carrefour in the night on Saturday all salmon products from their range

Already on Friday the authorities had closed two stores in Beijing, which had one of the Infected attended. AFP Reporter reported that a massive police traffic in front of the markets.

On Thursday, the authorities in Beijing had found for the first time in two months a Corona-infection case. The Infected had not left Beijing, according to official data, in the last few weeks.

China, the country of origin of the novel Coronavirus, had brought the spread of the pathogen, Sars-CoV-2 due to the strict output constraints largely under control. In the majority of cases in the past few months, it was foreigners who were tested on their return to China.

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