From Mexico to Brazil: Latin America is the new Corona-the focal point

While Europe has the worst behind and is slowly returning to something like normality, controls the Corona pandemic in Latin America to a climax. The infection numbers are rising rapidly. The healthcare system is on the Limit. The economy is in a shambles. How do the various States with the crisis?

The Numbers

The countries are differently affected. The leader is Brazil, with almost 800,000 in documented infections, and some 40,000 dead, in which Sars-CoV-2 has been demonstrated. In Peru were infected, and officially more than 200,000 people in Chile, about 150,000. Mexico reports approximately 134,000 infections and nearly 16,000 deaths. In Argentina, however, the situation with a good 25,000 infections and 700 deaths still largely under control. In some places, however, tested very little, so that the actual infection numbers are likely much higher.

Corona location in the world

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The Measures

The governments have responded differently to the pandemic. Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro does the Virus as “mild flu”. He braces himself against any kind of protective measures. Some States and cities have imposed curfews and the closure of businesses and shops are arranged. But it is already loose again. In front of shopping centers in São Paulo, long queues formed. Rio de Janeiro reminds back to the days before the pandemic.

In Mexico, the government called after long Hesitation, the population to stay home – not required-but. Some industries were classified as essential, the Rest had to temporarily cease operations. In grocery stores mask obligation does not apply, but in all the authorities. Argentina imposed, however, already in mid-March an extensive curfew that applies at least in the Metropolitan area of Buenos Aires until today.

Acceptance in the population

The acceptance of the measures also depends on the economic situation. In Peru, very strict output constraints, however, the Andean country registered according to Brazil, most of the infections. There, as in Mexico and elsewhere – are engaged in a lot of people in the informal sector. Shoe shiners, garbage collectors, hawkers and day labourers cannot afford to stay at home. In Brazil, in spite of curfews markets were still full. The Argentines respected the restrictions in the first place. After almost three months, many with the patience, however, are at the end.

Economic Consequences

You are devastating. The world Bank predicts for this year a decline in the economic power of 7.2 percent. The effects of the recession are likely to be in Latin America, dramatically, because there are hardly any social protection systems. The organization action against Hunger fears that nearly 30 million people may plunge into poverty. Some countries – such as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Honduras loosen – economic reasons, their measures, although the curves continue to rise. Some of the countries there is a lack of money, your economy.

In Mexico’s second-largest economy in Latin America after Brazil, the government in its austerity. The already under-funded health system is at its limits. Doctors in hospitals have to purchase the protection equipment itself. Argentina tries to take the best cure mitigate. Nine million people are unemployed, in the informal sector or work very little, earn, per month 10.000 Peso (around 130 euros) of state aid. Small-scale entrepreneurs, interest to be granted lots of loans.

The President

Not all of your function as a role model in the pandemic needs. While Argentina’s head of state, Alberto Fernández as a level-headed crisis Manager, proposes to the President of Brazil Bolsonaro all warnings into the Wind. He allows supporters to celebrate Selfies without a mask included. Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador claimed, contrary to the statistics of his own government for a month, the infection curve had flattened in Mexico. With Mouth guard you can see the left-wing populists never.

Borders and tourism

In Latin America, the borders are largely sealed. On the ground, only transport of goods are allowed to pass through the borders. Also flights in some countries is still possible. However, first, countries such as Cuba are trying to open already soon to their limits. Behind the hand is likely to put economic interests: In Mexico, the Dominican Republic and many other Caribbean States the tourism sectors to the most important economy. Costa Rica and Colombia want in Ecotourism Employed in other “green” Jobs to accommodate.

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