Anti-Hangover Agent: Help Slope

Some swear by dubious concoctions, including coffee with lemon, the other on a hearty Breakfast with scrambled eggs or roll mops. Hard-boiled just pick up the counter beer. Just bear wants him, nobody: the hangover, this vicious cattle, to the excessive Alcohol consumption with headaches, Nausea and a General despondency punished.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the unpleasant consequences of intoxication and left the magic away? With products like Katerfly or Hang&Over to the possible. If you believe, what their names suggest, the effervescent tablets and powder far more than one of the well-known Anti-hangover Tricks to hope for dares: said to cause the cat just flies away or pass. What is it about such a promise?

Effectiveness not demonstrated

None of the alleged Anti-hangover agent has been in clinical trials, tested. Since there is as yet no evidence for their efficacy, are allowed to advertise the manufacturer is also not explicitly an Anti-hangover effect. On the labels, therefore, is usually only vaguely of a “revitalizing effect” of the speech.

Not much more is to be expected given the ingredients well. The preparations contain , namely, unfortunately, is not a new miracle drug, the the harmful effects of the alcohol instantly removes. They are mainly made of vitamins and minerals , which even in normal food stuck or something used in higher doses in cheap effervescent tablets from the supermarket: Vitamin C, vitamins B2, B6 and B12, potassium, Magnesium, sodium, and zinc.

Minerals and vitamins the body can use after excessive Alcohol consumption, although quite good, since it leaves in a drunken state more urine and therefore more minerals. The hangover typical of a headache occur but not the loss of minerals or vitamins. Doctors assume, rather, that a lack of liquid causes the pain. And is easy to make by Drink (non-alcoholic beverages) fix.

Also, the alcohol-related gastro-intestinal complaints can not be a lack of any nutrients and, therefore, not by an extra dose of these substances relieve. That many – not later than the day after the noise under heavy sickness, or even vomiting, must depend, more likely, to the fact that alcohol in the stomach, irritating and toxic degradation products of nerve damage.

The potential effects of individual ingredients

Minerals and vitamins give the cat so unfortunately no wings. But what is with Superfoods such as Ginseng, or Prickly pear, which are included in some of the preparations? One must hope these plant extracts more?

Also their effectiveness is so far not sufficiently substantiated. The few studies that can be found, for example due to the small participant, and part of a large methodological shortcomings are not really meaningful.

The often-quoted study for the Anti-hangover effect of red Ginseng came to a remarkable result: subjects who, after a Whiskey-Shot of water with Ginseng extract drink had built the alcohol faster than participants in the Whiskey pure water served had been. This study, however, is only partially trusted, because one of the authors at the Korea Ginseng Corporation works.

The Conclusion …

… is a sobering fact: A hangover is not a dietary Supplement, shoo. Whom it is just a matter of his body the day after the Party, something Good to do, you should drink plenty of fluids, rest, maybe a relaxing walk and if the stomach is not rebelling – mineral – and vitamin-rich Breakfast.

Who strong complaints , should in case of doubt, to the doctor, because: “the hangover” may sound cute, but from a medical point of view, nothing more than acute alcohol poisoning, the dangerous consequences can.


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