At 65, Christie Brinkley Still Rocks An Impromptu Swimsuit Shoot Like None Other

  • At 65, Christie Brinkley’s body looks as fit as ever while on a recent beach vacation with family.
  • In new Instagram photos, the model and actress showed off her toned legs and arms in a black swimsuit.
  • Her daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, played photographer and took the photos.

Model and actress Christie Brinkley has never been shy about showing off her super-fit figure for the camera. (She made a lifelong career of it, after all.) And, at 65, she is ready as ever for a spontaneous swimsuit shoot.

Christie did just that with her daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, behind the camera on their family beach vacation. She shared allll the gorgeous snaps on the ‘gram. In the photos, Christie is wearing a black one-piece swimsuit, and all the attention is on her toned legs and arms as she poses on the shore.

Christie added a poem in the caption: “Photos by my Sailor Lee, of yes you guessed it little ole me / sitting on the edge / of the Caribbean Sea / on a day so beautiful it’s sheer poetry.”

Christie celebrated her 65th birthday in 2019—a year filled with a Sports Illustrated shoot, more bikini pics, and birthday party mini dresses. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

The supermodel has always been super fit, and she’s previously opened up about her health and workout regime to Women’s Health. Christie takes really, really good care of herself and has her whole life.

When it comes to diet, Christie said that she limits carbs if she’s trying to lose weight, but that “even on a low-carb diet, you should be able to, like, live it up.” And, up until recently, she’d been following a vegetarian diet since age 13.

But, as Christie was recovering from breaking her arm during Dancing With The Stars rehearsals, she started eating fish again. “I’m a lifelong vegetarian, but I’ve added salmon because it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which help regulate inflammation that causes joint stiffness and pain and is also excellent source of calcium and vitamin D, which help to maintain bone strength and speed healing …especially important for me now!” she wrote in an Instagram post on November 18.

Christie also has her go-to workout routines. She loves spin class just as much as you do. “I love spin instructors,” she told Women’s Health. “Yeah, sometimes you need a little drill sergeant to inspire you and keep you going.”

Christie also told The Cut that she loves running and uses the Total Gym home exercise machine (for which she’s a spokeswoman) when she needs to get in a quick workout.

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