Roadmap to happiness: 6 sets, you instantly happier

Why are some people every day with a Smile, while the own sky is full of clouds? The answer is simple: luck is not what you get, but what you make of it.

You call every Morning to these principles and you’ll every day happy to be promised!

1. Your body is not a temple, but an amusement Park

Break up with self-doubt, the constant struggle against the own wind mills and blemish. Your body is not a temple, the edit it to “” and to ensnare until you’ve reached perfection.

Your body is your amusement Park, so the ride enjoy! Dress yourself as you like and eat a Serving of French fries red-and-white, if you really feel like it.

Stop to ban you, things you like. Just listen again to your gut feeling and don’t artificially put under pressure.

This only makes you unhappy and the Portion of fries you eat at the end of the day anyway, only with a bad Conscience and that’s not really good for you.

2. Trust your personality

Life’s circumstances constantly change and your skills grow with your tasks. There is only one constant in your life that you are. Trust in your character, your way of handling things and accept your Strengths and weaknesses.

Make yourself aware of all the decisions in front of the Background, that you think she is in the current Situation exactly right. No matter what is at the end of it, you’ll never again have the feeling to have made the wrong decision.

3. Debris float by let

Imagine life is a river which flows sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes wild and sometimes calm. Particularly in turbulent ducks phases can be washed up a lot of “crap” with, you can just now really don’t use it.

In these cases, you should sit back and “filth” just swim past let. Impolite, nasty spells or a few things that just went wrong, and without that you can do something for it? Let Grass grow over it – out of sight, out of mind, the best strategy is here.

4. Luck is not a business model

Stop to plan your happiness, as a goal that you can achieve through performance. Happiness is just so fulfilling and precious, because you have to connect to the feeling of neither artificial, nor to imitate, or can buy.

It is simply a product of the inner attitude and feelings. So these things are the sites which you need to edit in order to be every day more satisfied.

Financial security and health are not important factors, but it is not enough alone. Try every day to be the Best out of you and the Here and Now to get, without ever thinking to the perspective goal of “happiness”, because to be happy you need to make the most of your presence!

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5. Relax!

Grass does not just grow faster when you pull it. You can’t always control everything or influence. Try situations you have no influence, at times simply to fend for themselves and stop worrying about unlaid eggs thoughts.

This energy put in projects in which it is asked and don’t block yourself with unfounded Worries and Fears.

6. Be there for others

It is the last point, but certainly not the Least important. Leave your micro-cosmos, and look to the left and to the right. Change the perspective and be there for others.

This does not always mean that you have to be the Comforter for all, but rather, that you’re also able to take an active part in the emotions and needs of your fellow human beings share.

That’s not just good and you learn other views, to know the angle, but you also learn a lot about yourself. In the Moment in you and your life experience help can, you will be aware of how much you’ve already achieved and that you are a person who is a role model for others – you can be proud of!

Mareike Kalbitz

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