Jillian Michaels Shares The Total-Body Kettlebell Workout She Does for Ripped Abs and Legs

In case you haven’t heard, Jillian Michaels is the queen of kettlebell workouts. The 45-year-old Biggest Loser US trainer is famous for pushing her clients (and herself!) above and beyond their comfort zones to help them achieve their strongest bodies ever.

In her latest Instagram post, Michaels shares what she calls a “fun” kettlebell challenge. “Ok, this is just a fun kettlebell challenge for ya,” she wrote in the caption. “Don’t take that last move too serious ?? Hope your week is good so far ❤️.”

In the first exercise, Michaels starts in a low squat position holding two kettlebells on the floor. She hops back into a plank to perform a push-up and then rolls back to do a reverse crunch. The second move involves Michaels doing a set of Russian twists holding a kettlebell before moving into a side plank. It’s hard to imagine a body part that move won’t tone up with this exercise, but it primarily works your core, especially your obliques, aka your love handles.

The last exercise is a killer move. Michaels performs a single-leg deadlift with a kettlebell before transitioning into a pistol squat and then an ab roll. This total-body move strengthens your entire posterior chain, including your glutes and abs, and focuses on improving your balance. The look on Michaels’s face is an indication that it’ll take some work to pull this one off, so if you are new to these movements, we suggest breaking them down before putting them together.

While Michaels loves working out with kettlebells, they’re not the only way she keeps up her toned physique. She told Fitness magazine that she goes to the gym three or four times a week, and she varies her workouts. Some days she uses stability balls and BOSU balls, but other days she does spin, mixed martial arts or power yoga.

“I get bored easily, so I need something that’s going to keep me focused,” she said. “I mix it up. Everything I do is a combo of body resistance and cardiovascular endurance.” After all, it’s all about having a balance in your workouts, so you don’t ever get bored with your routine.

This article originally appeared on Prevention US. 

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