Every Time I Apply This Sunscreen, I Feel Like I'm on a Tropical Vacation

You know the drill: apply sunscreen (at least SPF 30) every single day, and you’ll help safeguard yourself from the not-so-pretty effects of the sun. While summer may technically be coming to an end, your need for sunscreen is not. I got my hands on this one and it has been a staple in my beach bag—stock up now, and your post-Labor Day Weekend skin will thank you.

My current sunscreen obsession: Hint Spray Sunscreen in Pineapple ($14; amazon.com). Does the name sound familiar? If you’re a Hint water drinker, it should. The brand recently expanded into SPF, using the same technology that infuses their waters with yummy flavors like pineapple. The real fruit essences not only smell amazing, but also nourish, thanks to a skin-loving complex comprised of kiwi, aloe vera juice, passion flower, karanja oil, and raspberry. I love that I can use it on my face and body, and can expect my skin to feel smooth afterwards, without the greasy, sticky feeling that some other sunscreens can have. And because I can use it on both, it makes packing easier—one less bottle to squeeze into my already over-stuffed bag!

It’s also important to note that these sunscreens are oxybenzone-free, making them reef-safe. In other words, you can use them in Hawaii, where they’ve banned the ingredient. A few other factors that put this delish sunscreen at the top of every one of my packing lists: The formula is totally clear, so I don’t have to worry about a white cast; and it’s delivered in the form of a 360-degree spray can, so I can turn it upside down and every which way in order to make sure my entire body is covered. Thanks to all of these things, I actually enjoy reapplying every 80 minutes—it’s waterproof for up to that long.

Every time I wear my beloved Hint Pineapple, I feel like I’m swept away on a luxurious beach vacation, even if I’m actually sitting in my parent’s backyard sitting at a rotting picnic table and sweating my butt off. When I close my eyes, I can so easily believe that I’m actually on a yacht in Capri or somewhere equally as glamorous. I’ve made believers out of all of my family and friends, too. Whenever they catch a whiff of my sunscreen, they can’t believe that it’s not some fancy body lotion that I’ve layered on to mask the smell of whatever sunscreen I’m actually wearing.

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