Beauty Blogger Lauren Curtis Reveals Her Number One Hack For Perfect Brows

If you’re going to take beauty advice from anyone it may as well be the insanely popular Aussie vlogger Lauren Curtis, considering over 3.6 million other people do.

Yep, this Perth-native has THAT many subscribers on her YouTube channel, with another 1.5 million followers on Instagram and plenty more on Snapchat.

Love this look ✨ it's on my channel ?

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And through her years of testing products and filming tutorials, she has discovered her one, never-fail beauty hack for perfect brows.

“This is kind of weird but I actually put a bit of moisturiser on my brows before I fill them in, especially if I’ve done a full face of makeup,” she told Vogue.


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“I use an eyebrow powder and it doesn’t stick properly to the skin when it’s been set with powder, so by adding a bit of moisturiser to them I’m getting that tackiness back that allows me to draw clean lines around my brows and then easily fill them in.”

We’re inclined to trust her with those amazing arches!

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