We Asked 4 Trainers For The Celebrity Abs-Sculpting Secrets You NEED To Know

When it comes to maintaining a strong, stable core, celebrities have to work just as hard as we do to make it happen. However, unlike most of us, they’ve got all-star trainers on speed-dial to help them pull it off—so naturally, we decided to do you (and your soon-to-be six pack) a solid by providing you with the next best thing.

Here, four celeb trainers share the exact moves their star clients rely on to maintain a sleek midsection. Behold:

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The Trainer: Marxel Leobez, celebrity trainer at BoxUnion in Santa Monica, California

The Moves: Side Lunge/Twist Punch/Standing Jab Cross

Why They Rock: “This is a five-for-one movement combo that challenges the body to play with the field of motion through core engagement, while also pulling the abdominal wall tight and tout through the alternating motion of jab-cross punches at varied speeds,” says Leobez. It’s a super quick and effective way to shred the core and sculpt the side core for that lean, hourglass shape.

The Setup: Widen your legs with toes facing forward and palms to heart. Flatten your back and suck navel to spine to engage your core and lean over as you lunge from side to side. As you redistribute your weight, keep your body low and really put your weight into each side. 

Side-to-Side Lunge (30x): Lean from side to side, creating an exaggerated bounce at a fast pace.

Twist Punch (30x): Continue lunging and reach/punch down, opposite hand to foot, twisting your abdominals and tightening your core. 

Jab Cross (30x): Still lunging, rise up and begin to jab cross at a moderate pace, with full rotations of your core, pelvis squared. Jab cross as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Repeat the entire sequence two more times.

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The Trainer: Derek DeGrazio, celebrity trainer and managing partner of Barry’s Bootcamp in Miami, Florida

The Moves: Jack Knife/Hollow Rock Combo

Why They Rock: “These moves are the perfect compliment to each other,” says DeGrazio. “With the jack knife, you’re actively trying to use your abs to touch your hands to toes. With the hollow rock, you’re actively trying to use your abs to keep your hands and toes away from each other.” The result? A strong core.


Jack Knife: Lie back with your arms locked behind your head and legs straight in front of you (you know, like a jack knife). Raise your legs and arms up, reaching your hands toward your toes. Your shoulder blades should be off the floor and your waist should be bent with legs straight. Lower your body back to the starting position.

Hollow Rock: Lie back with your legs straight in front of you and about 10 inches in the air, arms locked behind your head. (Your body should be the shape of a banana.) Rock your body forward and back—with only your lower- to mid-back touching the floor—while keeping your legs and arms in the same position.


The Trainer: Erin Oprea, owner of Oprea Personal Fitness in Tennessee

The Moves: Side Plank/Butterfly Crunches/Standing Cross-Body Chops

Why They Rock: These moves are hella versatile, making them a cinch to add to any core workout, says Oprea. Mixing in a few new moves every week not only keeps things fresh, but ensures that you won’t overwork certain muscles while underworking others.

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Side Plank with Hip Dips: Lean on your elbow into a side plank, making sure your shoulder and elbow are in a vertical line. Drop your hips low, then back up into the plank position. Repeat for 30 seconds on each side. 

Butterfly Crunches: Lie on your back and put the bottoms of your feet together, letting your knees fall out like a butterfly stretch. Tilt your pelvis so your lower back is flat on the ground. Perform little crunches, each time pulling your abs tighter and tighter, for one minute. 

Standing Cross-Body Chops: Stand with your legs wider than shoulder-width apart, soften your knees, and tuck your pelvis in, engaging your core so that it’s nice and tight. Interlock your fingers on the handle of a band (or ends of a towel) and lock your arms straight out. Rotate your arms to the right, without twisting at the hip or bending your elbows. Repeat 15 times, then rotate to the left for another 15.


The Trainer: Andrea Orbeck, FitFusion trainer 

The Moves: Single-Leg Side Plank/Knees to Elbows Crunch

Why They Rock: “Moves that incorporate movement of both the legs and arms are considered ‘full recruitment’ movements,” says Orbeck. “The abdominal and back muscles are key components of this muscular network, and provide the strength to keep the body upright for movement.” When these core muscles aren’t in good shape, additional stress is applied to the spine as it supports the body, increasing the risk of pesky back pain (or worse, injuries).

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Single-Leg Side Plank: Get into the side-plank position. Keeping your back straight and your body facing forward, slowly lift your leg toward the ceiling. Hold for 10 seconds before lowering.

Knees to Elbows Crunch: Begin by lying on your back with feet on the floor, knees bent, and hands at your temples. Draw inward and try to touch your elbows and knees together over your stomach. Extend your legs as far from yourself as you can without losing lower back pressure on the mat. Repeat for one minute without rest.

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