What Is The Best Time Of The Day To Workout?

Kate Allott, Head of Fitness at Anytime Fitness, answers one of the most common exercise questions: what is the best time of the day to workout? And the answer… it depends on the results you’re after.

As people become more educated, they are training smarter – not harder – and timing can play an advantage to your workout routine.

Early morning sessions for weight loss and restful nights

Training early in the morning is better for weight loss goals. As you are training in a fasted state, you are tapping into more fat stores for energy to fuel the workout.

Additionally, people who train early in the morning are more consistent because the rest of the day doesn’t play a role in changing their routine. Often, people find that their day at work is putting lunchtime evening gym plans on the back burner, as they become too busy or too tired and just want to head home.

Early morning trainers are also more likely to stick to their nutrition goals, making better health decisions throughout the day, feeling more motivated, energetic and alert overall. Plus, because your body and muscles are now warm, you will be more willing to move around throughout the day and calorie burning will be boosted by the morning training session – and you are ensured a good night’s rest!

Those who train at night have trouble getting to sleep because after we train our energy levels are boosted, mood improves and brain is fired up. The evening is a great time to meditate to wind down.

Evening training for strength

You might notice that there are more blokes in the gym at night. This is not coincidental – these fellas are trying to get swoll! If you want to work on your strength, training later in the day will provide an advantage. You will be fuelled from your meals during the day – giving you the strength to lift more.

Testosterone is more responsive in the evening, in both men and women – your body is producing it, and will be ready to produce more when stimulated by the workout. When you train in the later half of the day, your body temperature is peaking and lungs are at their best capacity. You have more flexibility and mobility for your movements.

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