Watch This Bodybuilder Get His Butt Thoroughly Kicked While Trying to Learn MMA

“I’ve always wondered if the muscle you build in the gym could actually carry over to a real-life fighting advantage,” says YouTuber and bodybuilder Zac Perna at the top of his latest video, in which he attempts to learn mixed martial arts (MMA). But he soon realizes that there is a lot more to the sport than simple strength.

He anticipates that the challenge is going to be a grueling test of his athletic prowess, and he admits to being nervous. “I’m going to have my arse handed to me,” he says. “My body is not in the right state for this… I still don’t know what I’m in for.”

Perna is coached through his first session by pro fighter Hoshi Friedrich, who describes MMA training as a “balancing act” comprising multiple disciplines, including striking, grappling, and wrestling techniques, as well as strength conditioning. Friedrich starts off by teaching Perna some basic takedown moves, then moves on to what to do once you’re on the mat; namely, the “ground and pound.”

Perna is instantly impressed by the strength that Friedrich displays while holding him down on the mat; Friedrich admits that he doesn’t lift weights at all, and this all comes from his fighting training.

They end the session with several rounds of wrestling, each of which ends with Perna swiftly tapping out. “I’ve never been this fucked in my life,” he says. “My body tomorrow is going to be so dead.”

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