True or false?: The 10 biggest cold myths in Check

1. Vitamin C helps with coughs and colds

If cough, runny nose, hoarseness of the voice are already there, is using it is, unfortunately, nothing more, Vitamin C in amounts to feed.

Better a lot of sleep, slow walks to help now, in the fresh air, overall, vitamin-rich diet and drink a lot.

2. Flu vaccination protects

The vaccine is tailored each year to the expected prevalent influenza viruses, on average, they prevented about half of the diseases and reduces the other complications.

In October and November, vaccination – before in January, the wave movement.

3. Sex strengthens the immune system

In fact, studies show long-term, that Sex increases Immunoglobulin levels in the body and ensures in this way that one is rare with a cold.

Two Times per week, you should be at least active.

4. Please do not kiss

No false restraint! First the kiss with the exchange of 80 million bacteria an immune stimulating effect.

Secondly, the infection is usually already in advance about the nose and eyes, so that Kissing won’t mind.

5. Hot milk with honey soothes a sore throat

Can not cure, but help relieve. The good ingredients of the honey, however, are stirring, sensitive to heat and, therefore, only in lukewarm milk.

6. Cold comes from the cold

Alone cold no one gets a cold, it needs to already virus. But: the lower the body temperature, the lower the immune system. Warm helps to keep so really – this is especially true for feet and nose.

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7. Sneezing suppress harm

Yes, because Sneezing is the cleaning function of the nose: particles are ejected at about 160 km/h and beyond. You can’t do it, Hiking it instead, with pressure in the sinuses or the ear.

Therefore, the better the mouth when Sneezing (in the inside of the elbow or a handkerchief) to open, which minimizes the pressure.

8. Hot lemon and warm beer

The two well-known home remedies are, unfortunately, ineffective – because the Vitamin C in the lemon is sensitive to heat and alcohol weakens the immune system, whether hot or cold.

Better: tea made from unpeeled, freshly cut ginger, the anti-inflammatory and keeps you warm from the inside.

9. Pulling up is better than blowing your nose

No, because both spread the bacteria. Gentle nose with paper towels the best way to clear out the phlegm is clean.

10. A cold comes three days, stays three days, three days

Right: The incubation period lasts up to three days, then two to three days with feeling sick – now, you should stay with the colleagues for the sake of your home, then the cold subsides over a few days.

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