Put Your Abs Through an Impossibly Tough Rollout Challenge

To take your ab wheel rollouts to the next level, this drill from trainer Ron Everline, who has worked with high profile clients like Kevin Hart, certainly delivers.

Setting up in a high plank position with his feet about shoulder-width apart and his hands on a foam roller, he places his hands on the implement to roll it out and then back underneath his shoulders.

To keep the roller from flying out from underneath you, you’ll need to follow Everline’s lead, keeping the core, glutes, and shoulders tight. With everything locked, your upper back will maintain a slightly arched position, which also ensures you hold the weight in your muscles rather than dumping it into your lower back. Use small, inching steps to move the roller gradually. Take your time and focus on keeping strict control at all times.

Another helpful pointer: Use a firm, dense roller like the one Everline has here. A really squishy one will mold into the floor and around your hands, making it really difficult to roll. Check out this option from Triggerpoint if you don’t have one at home.

As far as reps go, do only as many as you can complete with impeccable form. That might just be one or two extensions when you get started. That’s cool. Stick with it, give yourself a good minute of rest between sets, and you and your core will get stronger.

Everline performs the foam roller ab rollout as the first move in an intense circuit, which also included some advanced kettlebell, landmine, and barbell moves that we wouldn’t recommend for anyone who hasn’t already nailed simpler versions of those exercises. If you’re going to try anything else from his post out on your own, just make sure that you stay within your fitness level and training experience.

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