This 5-Minute Workout Challenges You to Beat the Clock

Are you bored with your standard workout routine? If you’re not feeling challenged in the gym, set a timer and try to beat the clock.

Whether you crank it out as a quick, efficient at-home workout or tack it onto your current as an empty-the-tank-style finisher, this challenge from trainer Jeremy Scott, creator of the Men’s Health Action Hero Jacked fitness series will put your strength and conditioning to the test.

In a recent Instagram video, Scott sets the clock for 5 minutes and then runs through an intense circuit. The goal: Finishing all of the reps before the timer sounds.

Scott finishes his reps under the time limit (of course), but if it takes you 6, 7, or 8t minutes, cool. “As always chase quality reps not just the clock,” the trainer says. Sacrificing form for speed, especially with the hops and burpees, will skyrocket the likelihood of excess wear and tear on your joints. Focus on form and, with practice, you’ll be able to get in more high-quality reps and in less time.

As far as quality goes, all of these exercises should be performed with control. No matter the exercise’s agonists and antagonists, every muscle in your body should be actively working and at all times. This will help you maintain more efficient form, reduce the risk of injury (which is especially important as you increase speed), and allow you to make greater strength and aerobic gains.

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