Steph Claire Smith Just Shared The Best Body Advice We’ve Heard Yet

Steph Claire Smith is one of our fave go-to sources for all things fitness and wellness. 

In our opinion, she’s one of the best Instagram influencers to follow for healthy living inspiration. Just look at all that #fitspo.

And when it comes to workout advice, the Keep It Cleaner fitness program co-founder is always delivering the goods – like when she let us in on the best methods for toning our toosh.

Yesterday, the model and fitness mogul took to Instagram to offer this solid dose of wellbeing wisdom:

Your body isn’t the problem, it’s your mindset,” she wrote. “We all have different healthy weight ranges, don’t aim to look like anyone else, aim to be your healthiest, strongest and happiest self. We often focus too much on the physical side of a health journey and forget to appreciate the other benefits that come along with it. If you can move your body everyday, and have the resources to eat a healthy balanced diet, then don’t take that for granted. Challenge yourself, look after yourself, and be kind to that body of yours ❤️ @keepitcleaner”

Wise words Steph, very wise words.

In today’s social media-obsessed world, it is easy to get caught up on exercising for a certain aesthetic appearance and forget why we should actually be working out in the first place.

We’re fully on board with Steph’s message and it seems many others are too. Following Steph’s message, fans rushed to re-post Steph’s story.

Steph was delighted to see her message resonating with so many others and shared another Instagram story to thank her fans.

Good on you, Steph. You’re exactly the type of role model that we think the world needs more of!

This article originally appeared on BeautyCrew. 

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