Sport in Winter: An expert explains what you now need to pay attention to

It’s dark and cold, you come home from work and want a quick round of Jogging? Very good! Because the Work-out in the fresh air is good for the body. However, especially in the Winter, you should consider some things. Crossfit and Weightlifting Coach, Christof Zellweger knows how to Sport in the Winter and outdoors easily to success.

Intense Warm-Up

“The most Important thing is a good warm-up, in the best case, still in the house,” says the expert. Here strains that appeal to the entire thigh muscles and the calves are. “Lunges, Squats, and Burpees make the body ready,” says Christof Zellweger. The first five to ten minutes, you should take it slow. Because in the Winter the body needs time to get properly up to speed.

Important the right clothing is also. “Clothing bears the moisture to the outside and cools down,” says the Coach. He advises to the classic onion-Look that fits tightly to the body. In addition, the clothes should not be warm. “The first impulse is to pack up when it is cold, really warm, but then it opens after five minutes, the jacket and the risk of a cold is increasing,” says Christof Zellweger. If you the first minutes, a bit of chill in order, and then the body warms up.

Jogging in the cold

The tip from the experts: Listen to them while Jogging and any other Outdoor Training to your lungs. If it hurts, do not overdo it. It can be helpful to wear a scarf or Mouth, the air is warmed up a bit. If the temperatures fall below -10 degrees, Christof Zellweger advises, prefer Hiking or walking to change leave. Because if the Airways dry out by the cold air, you will be more susceptible to pathogens. The last five minutes of running you should come to an end loose. “The research has shown that the final print does not bring any Benefits,” says Christof Zellweger. If you are still not regularly Running, you should not start in the dead of Winter with the Outdoor Training, but already in the autumn of the first round run. In the event of ice and snow storm, you move the workout to the gym.

Preparing for winter sports

The ski season is not long to wait. Therefore, you should install quiet a number of Exercises for the departure in your Fitness Routine. Strength exercises for the torso and the thighs are. “Russian Twists are perfect for the hull, because you train rotations, the skiing is important,” says Christof Zellweger.

Snowboarding in addition, yet demanded lower legs and calves in addition. Jogging trains the entire lower leg muscles and the stamina and is well suited for the preparation for the winter sports season.

Sports in the Winter, stimulates the immune system

You cough a bit and are not sure whether you should now be able to drive at all sports? “As a General rule: movement in the fresh air stimulates the immune system and is good for the body,” says the Coach. (Read here why Outdoor exercise is so good for you) With a slight runny nose, the movement can even contribute to recovery. Who feels really limp and with a flu or a fever fights, forego the workout and go for a walk. In addition, you should pay attention to in the Winter to eat fresh fruit and vegetables and to sleep sufficiently. The sauna and hot and cold showers strengthen the immune system and can protect against diseases.

The Alternative: The Fitness Studio

In the Winter, especially endurance sports such as cross-country skiing, and Jogging (read here why you should in the morning go for a Jog) for the Outdoor offer Training. “Boot camps and targeted muscle training on the best inside,” says Christof Zellweger. Who has no desire to train in the cold is repealed in the gym is good. “The Training in the fresh air has many benefits, but prefer someone trained the entire Winter in the Studio, than to not Train at all,” says the Coach. Another plus point: In most Studios, you can strengthen after the workout, your immune system in the sauna.

This article was written by (Ruth de Carné)

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