Against the autumn Blues: blogger Charlotte their 4 Good-mood reveals tips

The Foliage is wet under the bare trees, the days are getting shorter, rain and darkness have a negative effect on the mood.

When the summer leaves the country seemingly in a flash, suffer many people in this country under a so-called autumn Blues – in a bad mood, listlessness and constant fatigue then determine often the everyday life.

Not so with blogger Charlotte way. Although the 27 is pulled-Year-old in October, along with her husband and pug to Barcelona; the cold, murky Hamburg Winter she had to endure in the previous years, however.

Sustainably and consciously to a better sense of life

First and foremost, Charlotte informed on your Instagram channel on topics such as sustainability, vegan way of life and a positive attitude to one’s own body. Your over 75,000 Followers appreciate the young woman in front of all, but also because of their sincere good humor, and your contagious joy of life.

What are the things that improve your mood immediately, and the dark weeks so far, always well behind, brought, informs, Charlotte, in an Interview with FIT FOR FUN.

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1. Tanz' you happy

Movement and, in particular, sports let the brain, the happiness hormone, Serotonin, to distribute and can therefore pick up proven to your mood.

The Charlotte-to-use. They do not, however, to classical Cardio-units, or monotonous Gym Sessions. Your Good-mood-mystery is as effective as it is simple: A round the hips, and all the Negative wegtanzen.

What this looks like? "Simply put, the Good-mood-music turn up. Reggae or anything that lifts the mood and lostanzen, without a great about nachzudenken", Charlotte explains.

"Dancing is a cure for me. It helps me to combat Stress. And I can have things shake off, which is a burden to me, or concentrated, so I feel much better."

The most Important Manner: the fun. It is, in fact, no matter how elegant or clumsy it looks, as long as the movements feel good.

"The regular Dancing helps me but also generally in the process to love my body more and to feel him better."

In addition to the extra Dose of self-love and the good feeling you get going through the motions, burn ordinary dance of the units, any lot of calories – more fun can’t do sports actually.

In a good mood here? Charlotte shows how to do it

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2. From the fresh air – no excuses

If it’s cold and wet outside, have a Cup of soothing tea velvet for a good read or a Marathon of a favorite series is quite tempting, even for Charlotte.

But instead of spending the autumn, exclusively on the inside, turns the dog mom diligently do their daily rounds in the fresh air.

"Three times a day, I go out with my dog in the Wind and weather. With Rain gear it is equipped well."

So thick and warm wrap up and down in front of the door. "Just a beautiful autumn or winter walk. Most of the time the sun comes out anyway at some point again."

3. In a good mood, thanks to the cocoa and Hula-Hoops

In the autumn, in General, every opportunity should be used to leave the house. The looks on Charlotte: "Once it is slightly brighter; just go out, enjoy it, and as much as possible to soak up the sun!"

The sky should have over several days moved, it can also help the targeted intake of Vitamin D. Only last year, cocoa was in a study as a Vitamin D source discovered – dark chocolate may be nibbled with a clear Conscience.

And otherwise? Just be active! "It helps me to be a lot of traveling with friends. The most Important thing is that you can cocoon and only for themselves alone – because the bad mood is inevitable almost."

A secret tip from Charlotte: Hula-Hoop. Who now thinks that this is just a toy for children, you are wrong.

"Hula Hoop highlights always my mood immediately an", she explains. "Unfortunately, I could not take my tyres to Barcelona. But I’m going to get a new one."

4. A positive effect on the Winter tune

Even if the cold months is not everyone’s case, some of the beautiful aspects they bring with them. Hearty food and sweet treats, for example.

"Delicious gingerbread cookies make me in the Winter is somehow always in a good Laune", says Charlotte. "Generally speaking, the common baking cookies."

The taste, you can not only receive good, the Winter also with open arms, and has something to look forward to as the days appear to be smooth only half as sad.

Also: Can we have cookies at all in a bad mood?

Cornelia Bertram

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