Slim body: 6 simple everyday routines for a flat stomach

No matter whether your goal is to you early on, the bikini season or you want to feel better in your own skin: A flat stomach can make a big difference.

If you are looking for a tighter middle, should follow the following six tips in order to reach the destination quickly.

1. Learn to relax

According to a study published in the ‘Psychosomatic Medicine’, contains belly fat four times as many Cortisol receptors, so Fattening stress hormones, such as subcutaneous fat – the fat that sits directly under the skin.

That is, if you have a lot of Stress, the fat faster in the stomach than in other regions of the body.

Stress is not only works on your abdominal circumference is negative, but of course also has many other effects on the body. Stay always happy and relaxed: Train regularly, meditate during stressful periods and surround yourself with people who make you Laugh.

2. Check your macros

The distribution of carbohydrates, protein and fat should be in your total daily calories, the optimal 50:30:20.

“This can help to keep Hunger, satiety, abdominal fat and weight under control,” explains dietitian, Diana Lipson-Burge, compared to ‘Shape’.

If your basal metabolic rate – calories burns your body’s daily resting together with your physical activity, for example, at 1,800 calories, you should take 900 calories from this good Carbs (vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains) to you. 540 more calories are best way in-depth sources of protein like nuts or lean meat, and 360 calories from fats such as olive oil, soybean oil, salmon or walnuts.

3. To build muscle mass

A study with more than 10,000 people, which was published in the journal ‘Obesity’, found that muscle building is an important factor for a flat stomach.

Subjects who have added 25 minutes of strength training to your individual training routine, increased over a period of 12 years, significantly less around the waist than those who had done the same long Cardio Exercises.

4. Focus on dietary fiber

Another study, also published in the journal ‘Obesity’, has shown that the belly increases fat less quickly, if one pays particular attention to his fiber intake. To find out, the researchers raised the daily intake of soluble dietary fiber in the study participants is around 10 grams. The result: The Rate of abdominal fat to accumulate, within five years, decreased by 4 percent.

The reason is that fiber will slow down digestion and make you feel full longer. The additional 10 grams, you can, for example, half an Avocado, 3/4 Cup black beans, 3/4 Cup of oatmeal and a Apple red you take.

5. Listen to your feeling of Hunger

To lose belly fat, you should listen carefully to your body and your feeling of Hunger. Imagine a hunger scale before, when one is extremely hungry and ten is too full to move around. “To hear, to eat, when you arrived at seven, to avoid the Extra Kilos,” says Lipson-Burge.

“In three to four hours, you’re hungry again,” she says. With a consumption of 400 to 500 calories at every meal you should be able to, according to the expert, over this period of time tired of and it with the next meal of the day easier not to overeat you.

“After four extra mouthfuls you were at an eight,” said Lipson-Burge. “If you have two or more times per week to eat eight (instead of seven) to stop, you probably more calories than you need you.”

6. Sufficient (but not too much) sleep

Every night to sleep six to seven hours, can help, according to a study in the journal ‘Sleep’ that your stomach is not burdened with unnecessary pounds. Study participants had five or fewer hours or eight or more hours of sleep, had higher amounts of abdominal fat (as well as an increased risk for type 2 Diabetes) than those who slept six to seven hours.

In the case of the short sleepers, the negative Impact were, however, much more increased by over five years, nearly twice as many inches around the waist as the long sleepers.

The scientists suspect that “extreme” sleep patterns, too much or too little sleep, the feeling of Hunger and the hormone affect the household and thus the calorie budget disturb.


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