4 Health and Fitness Gadgets We Loved from CES 2020

Every year, the tech world descends on Las Vegas at the beginning of January to get a glimpse of the future. The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is the first chance the biggest tech and consumer goods companies in the world have to wow journalists with their biggest, boldest new gizmos in the new year. Usually, the biggest splashes at the show come from either concept products years away from release or gimmicks that will never see widespread distribution, but you can always count on some exciting, solid gear to be on display, too.

The past few years has seen health and fitness products well-represented, as exercise and tech have become more intertwined—think streaming cardio machines like Peloton, fitness trackers, and even smart home gyms like Mirror and Tonal. Those categories were well-represented at CES in 2020, with some next-level wearables, a new smart workout platform, and some seriously high-tech gear for your shoes.

Here are 4 new gadgets we’re excited about from CES 2020.

Suunto 7 Smartwatch


Suunto, a Finnish orienteering brand, has made some of the most solid adventure and fitness smartwatches we’ve tested over the last few years—but all of their numbered offerings (the 3 Fitness, 5, and 9) have depended on the company’s own OS. The upcoming Suunto 7, which was revealed at CES, will be Suunto’s first using Google’s Wear OS. That platform could make the 7 the best combination of lifestyle fitness power and outdoor ruggedness yet.

The 7 promises to track over 70 activities and feature built-in GPS, barometer, and heart rate monitoring along with smart features like on-device payments and music control. The watch is available for pre-order now and hits the market at the end of January.

NURVV Run Smart Insoles and Coaching App


Most wearables live on the wrist. This new device lives in your shoes. The NURVV insoles are tricked out with 32 precision sensors to capture your performance metrics in 1,000 times a second. The system also includes a tracker, which you latch onto the side of your kicks.

The tech works with an app that measure running distance at pace at 99.9 percent accuracy, according to the company, which allows you to check out a wide range of metrics like step length and cadence. More importantly the app provides personalized coaching from your data, both during and after your runs, to fine-tune performance and avoid injury. The NURVV Run system is available now for $299.

Amazfit Home Studio


Wearable company Huami and STUDIO teamed up to create a home workout center that aims to bring the best of high-tech fitness platforms like Peloton and gear like Mirror into one package. Pair a 43-inch smart screen with a front-facing 3D camera and a luxe treadmill for on-demand classes for categories like treadmill, sculpt, stretch, and yoga, and you get the Amazfit Home Studio.

The platform is designed to be connected, and the company touts future abilities to add smart home assistants and heart rate tracking from third-party devices. Like other home fitness platforms, you’ll be on the hook for a monthly content subscription along with the hardware. Release details haven’t yet been announced.

Withings ScanWatch


Wearables company Withings’ most significant contribution to CES 2020 is a super smart hybrid smartwatch that the company claims can detect the risk of both arrythmia (AFib) and sleep apnea, projects that companies like Apple and Fitbit have both taken on to various degrees of success. The ScanWatch is the first in the world to do both, according to Withings.

The watch uses an embedded sensor to monitor your heart rate, then provides warnings after signs of irregularity through a connected app. Along with the AFib and sleep tracking, the ScanWatch also has more standard features like workout tracking, VO2 Max measurements, and more. Release details are yet to come.

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