New study: Increased testosterone levels may make women sick

Actually, testosterone is the Power hormone is known to be essential for building muscle.

Apart from the fact that it is considered as the vital hormone for sexual activity in men is known, it makes both men as well as women more muscular, and more assertive – basically, positive traits, one would think.

A new study throws a new light on the hormone.

Therefore, an increased testosterone level having a greater risk, at least for women, to suffer from diseases such as Diabetes or cancer.

Testosterone as a doping agent

Who was by nature already a higher testosterone level, was just in the gym so far, as especially privileged.

Not infrequently, athletes have been helped in the performance arena, even with an extra dose of sex hormone on the jumps.

The more the findings of a new study by researchers at the University of Cambridge a beat since, all of which were published at the beginning of February of 2020, in ‘Nature Medicine’.

While men benefit in terms of health actually of More testosterone, can trigger the hormone in women serious health risks.

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Testosterone in women and men

In the context of the study, the researchers 2.572 identified different, genetically determined testosterone levels from 425.097 subjects ‘ data, they were mainly from the UK Biobank will be provided.

In the next step, the researchers examined the different testosterone level in connection with a variety of diseases.

They found that in women, genetically higher testosterone sticks the risk for type 2 Diabetes by 37 percent, and the syndrome of polycystic eggs (PCOS) to 51 per cent increased. In addition, the risk rose, on the breast or of developing uterine cancer.

In men, however, a higher level of testosterone decreased type 2 Diabetes risk by 14 percent.

Too much testosterone could also be detrimental to men: Then the risk for prostate cancer increases, researchers noted.

Dr. Katherine Ruth, one of the main authors of the work, highlighting the relevance of the results: “Our results (…) underline the importance of a separate consideration of men and women in trials, because we saw different effects of testosterone ( … ).“

In addition, special caution against the indiscriminate use of testosterone as a dietary Supplement, is now on offer until further research is available results in this area.


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