More careful and to be happier: The 7 biggest benefits of Journaling

To integrate more mindfulness into everyday life, can enhance life in so many different ways.

Journaling is a special Form of mindfulness exercise and a wonderful way with yourself, your actions, goals, Desires, and feelings to cope with.

It is not – as to the “standard Diary” – that’s why, simply the experiences of the day to write.

Life reflect

A lot more Journaling about the thoughts and feelings of the world, which wants to be expressed, so that you can from it.

When you Write, it shuts down because the mind, instead leaving the subconscious to speak – and the white in most cases, a lot more than your brain, what you really want.

The Best part of the Journaling: You don’t have to suck hours and hours each day words and phrases out of your fingers. It is enough, if you take a few minutes every day.

So, get your own Journal and get started! You will certainly have after a few days of positive changes you notice.

Tip: The 6-minute diary to Fill out makes no excuses are valid and helps you to be more relaxed in just a few minutes per day.

1. You will gain more clarity

Who are you? What is your goal? What do you want to achieve? To have no answers to these questions can be quite daunting and you have the Motivation and the fun in the daily life of Rob.

Journaling can give you at this point, clarity and help to find your direction.

Because of all the problems and uncertainties, the buzzing in your head around, no longer suddenly appear not so big and a mess, if you stand in front of you on paper.

This way, you can structure. You can act in a goal-oriented, to roll rather than chaotic problems.

2. Know what you want

You have gained through the Journaling more Clarity, it falls to you to identify more easily what you want. Because it is only when you start dealing with yourself, you can get to know you and your feeling world really.

The more often you do it, what’s bothering you, bring it to paper, the more precise you will know what you really want and what is really important to you – accordingly you can trade confidently.

It’s worth a try: it is Not rare that one encounters especially with the own Wishes and ideas on aspects that have previously not thought of.

3. Decisions

In addition to the insights gained can help you a Journal additionally, their advantages and disadvantages to be weighed and you then determine.

You have all for you a in question selection options once before your eyes, it is easier to make important decisions.

4. Life is a better reflection of

When Journaling, it comes to Reflect. In particular, you should notice on the lessons, the life has in store for you at the ready.

In the majority of cases, these stay unnoticed, because the life in time-lapse rushes past one. Without the experienced Reflection, it is then very difficult to learn from the mistakes and avoid them in the future.

By Journaling you will get to you much faster over these crucial events, aware and gain more insight.

5. Visible progress

Progress and achievements should be celebrated. In the passing of life prefer this aspect is, however, in most cases – or you don’t take the successes at all true.

His progress can be overlooked can be quite demotivating. Because it feels so, as it would occur in the personal process on the spot.

Through regular Journaling, however, you’re going to your change process to be much more aware of it. Because you see, what you’ve done right, and you can also celebrate every small success for you.

But mistakes are so much faster and more visible, so that you correct your Actions, and the right way back can find.

6. Emotions recognize and process

Without Reflection, one tends to have emotions for a long time to carry around and not to process it. In the worst case, negative emotions to accumulate more and more until one day the bomb explodes.

The feelings to write down, because it will act almost as a therapy. You have to confide in (maybe unpleasant) aspects to any other Person and can communicate anyway.

At the same time expressing gratitude has even a more beautiful effect on the body – it reduces Stress.

7. More understanding for other

However, you’ll not only yourself and your own emotions better. Through the dialogue with yourself, you’ll get sooner or later all by itself to insights that were previously so are probably not aware of.

At Once one perceives the behavior of other people is completely different, recognize patterns of behavior and can understand it suddenly better.

This results in a deeper understanding of the situations and the Acting of the other results. Conflicts can be quickly removed avoided.

Cornelia Bertram

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