Metal parts in tomato sauce manufacturers call Pizza Sets

For reasons of preventive consumer protection, the aunt Fanny call fresh dough GmbH, as well as the Wewalka GmbH Nfg. KG of different baking finished Pizzateige with the accompanying tomato sauce back.

Background of the recall is that the upstream Supplier of the tomato sauce can not exclude completely that in each of the glasses of metal particles.

The aunt Fanny and Wewalka supply stores, many brands of supermarkets and disco.

Various supermarkets and discount stores affected

The may with shards of glass contaminated tomato sauce in the baking finished Pizzteigset of various brands and relates solely to the 600 g Pizza Sets that were sold at Edeka, Lidl, Aldi Süd, Netto, Penny, and Rewe.

Concern the following products with the corresponding date of minimum durability are:

The suppliers and trading companies have immediately responded and the appropriate Goods instantly from the sale.

Customers who have one of the affected products already bought, to be urged not to consume these.

Metal foreign bodies can cause injuries in the oral cavity, esophagus, and stomach and intestinal tract. Also a choking hazard cannot be ruled out.

Refund of the purchase price

The trading companies have assured to refund the purchase price against presentation of the corresponding receipt or Presentation of the empty packaging.

In the case of consumer requests, the company Tante Fanny fresh dough GmbH under the number 43 2628 48666 2224 (mon.-Sa.: 8-17 o’clock) or to the E-mail address [email protected] for all concerned, of the trading company net of the ApS, Handelshof, net MD, Edeka, Penny and Rewe available.

In the case of Lidl and Aldi Süd, the sales staff in the respective branches responsive.

Larissa Bright Mouth

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