Lose weight without Starving: the 5 best snacks

You know, just in the Winter, the desire to beat when you eat so right about strands? And after the holidays? The solution: the best snacks! So foods that are healthy, but also give the feeling to have enough to eat and to not always have the need to between meals, even snacks. Because that is where the hidden calories that make it hard for us to reach our dream weight lurking.

Filling #1: fish with high fat content

You know the feeling after eating, still hungry? The worst feeling there is! If so, not directly after eating the sweets Cabinet is plundered, then the best on fish with high fat content. These include varieties such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines include. They not only provide the Vitamin D in the Winter due to the lack of sunshine, especially needed, they are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which keep full longer. Additional Bonus: Omega-3 fatty acids to support hormones in the body that tell the brain when to stop eating.

Filling #2: Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes you simply must love. Why? for One, they contain almost twice as many of satiating fiber as well as its big sister, the common potato. And the Best part is that the Winter provides endless ways to enjoy sweet potatoes: you can taste it in the oven baking chips – as a reward for the strenuous snow trek in the mountains. Or insert multi-colored sweet potatoes a colour, added to a spicy Curry, to strengthen the immune system and to relax after a workout in the Outdoor warm up. No matter how you prepare the sweet potatoes, they hold long enough.

Filling #3: Butter

What we perceive as Comfort Food, may be creamy. But: Creamy food is usually not healthy. Fortunately, we have a solution for the Dilemma. Instead of the Sauce or the Dressing, add a large dollop of fat sour cream, should be sufficient, a tablespoon of creamy Butter. But Butter has a lot of calories? Butter (from peanut, Cashew or almonds) contains a lot of fat, but it is extremely filling and healthy. In moderation, consumed, it can even help to keep the weight in the handle. So as soon as the next Time cravings sign up, we recommend a baked pumpkin with cheese Dip and Cashew butter a try. Then the candy drawer to remain for it.

Filling #4: Sprouts

The health benefits of sprouts and seedlings are always researched more and confirmed. In the meantime, sprouted grains (such as Quinoa, spelt, or whole wheat) is not only easier to digest, but also a larger proportion of Vitamin C, soluble fiber and essential amino acids. Due to the high fiber content and longer digestion time, you feel in spite of fewer calories longer saturated. Instead of next Time to the white bread, if the desire comes to carbohydrates, bake your bread with ground Quinoa sprouts or sprouted spelt flour yourself or buy it in the bakery.

Filling #5: Shirataki Noodles

Shirataki noodles contain very few calories and carbohydrates, they are extremely healthy and filling. The of Glucomannan, a fibre-rich flour from the Japanese konjac root, prepared pasta alternative is made up of 97% water. And with only 20 calories per Serving they are a great Option for an Asian dish with a low calorie content. Since the noodles only move very slowly through our digestive tract, keeping you full longer and avoid that, shortly after the meal, again, on the search for the next Snack.

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