Six simple tips for women looking to lose weight in the new year

Listen up ladies! If you are struggling to shed those extra kilos, here is some help from celebrity fitness trainer Rakesh Udiyar.

New Year brings with it new goals and resolutions. And many of us look forward to losing those extra kilos by making some lifestyle changes — whether in terms of diet, physical activities or getting rid of unhealthy habits. If you too are struggling to lose weight and are thinking of joining a gym or taking up a physical activity to help you with you goal, here is what you need to understand before jumping on the bandwagon.

We searched a lot, and finally found some basic but essential tips that can really help you get started with your weight loss goal this new year.

Celebrity fitness trainer Rakesh Udiyar who trains with Bollywood actors like Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Fatima Sana Sheikh among others, shared a post which caught our attention.



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Here’s what he mentions on the post.

*First track how many calories you consume. Do this before worrying about anything else.

*Train each muscle group multiple times a week, don’t do single muscle group workouts

*Track your progress in multiple ways, not just the scales.

*Include both cardio and weight training into your weekly routine (no, weight training won’t make you manly.)

*Understand that your weight can vary anywhere from 2-6 lb at ‘that time’ of the month.

*If your goal is to ‘tone up’, what you really mean is that you want to build muscle and reduce your body fat.

Though much is spoken about calorie counting, not much is discussed about pairing weight training and cardio for weight loss. One of the most commonly asked questions about exercise for weight loss or (fat loss) is whether to concentrate on aerobic exercise (cardio) or weight training and resistance exercise. For the best result, one should do both concurrently.

Here’s why

Strength and resistance training builds muscle — muscle has a higher metabolic rate than fat — so having more muscle increases the body’s resting metabolic rate (energy expenditure) a little compared to having more body fat.

Doing aerobic exercises at moderate intensity continuously for much longer rather than lifting weights intermittently helps in more energy expenditure. Which is why, jogging, cycling, swimming and walking, help burn maximum calories in a shorter time.



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*Keep in mind that repetitions should be kept at the low to medium scale between 8 and 12 repetitions as very high-repetition training with weights has minimum value.

For example, one can combine resistance training with continuous movement in a circuit training program in which you work out at a moderately high-intensity pace.

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