Knowledge of fascia: back pain? A shortened hip flexors may be to blame

If the lower back hurts excruciatingly, is the presumption that the cause of the pain in the front, could lie below the abdomen,.

But the fact is, more and more chronic back pain can be the so-called hip flexors back.

If this is shortened for example by long periods of Sitting, have to pay for the back the.

How, exactly, the complaints come about and what have to do the fascia in order to explains fascia-expert Sabine Barth man.

The role of the fascia in tension

Sabine Barth, man is a trained sports and pain therapist, and an acupuncturist with a specialization for the back.

For years, the Hamburg-based back specialist fascia is fascinated by a topic, especially:.

Fascia are a part of the connective tissue, attracts the body as a covering and provide connectivity within and beyond everything in place holds. Without the fascia muscles and bones would lose their stability, and the organs inside the body swimming around.

The fascia can but even more than that. We now know that the fascial tissue is also the largest sense organ of the human body. It is closely connected with the autonomic nervous system, and conditions stores all muscles Experienced in the Form of a minimum of different Voltage.

In order to remain agile and supple, in need of fascia, especially movement. If this is to be denied for long, glue it, or you get filthy.

That is precisely Sabine Barth the majority of causes for back pain.

“Fascia is an intelligent connective tissue that keeps track of what body postures to be practiced by us the most. Actually, in order to relieve us, as a support to the most frequently used muscle groups. The longer the muscle tension persists, the more inelastic the fascial tissue around them. As a result, the muscle is taken to be the space to relax fully,“ she explains.

As the hip flexors shorten

In everyday office life is the most common posture is Sitting still, the longest time of the day remains.

The muscle that makes this Position possible at all, is called the hip flexors.

Actually several muscles that make up the hip joint, movable count actually.

The largest and most important among them is the large loin muscle that runs from the upper lumbar vertebrae through the pelvis ring to the inner side of the thigh.

This two-sided muscle ensures that our hips can take the for the Sitting the necessary flexion of the upper body to the legs by hooking up.

It is, however, for hours on end to no counter-movements, the bonding of the surrounding fascia and the muscle shortens under the permanent diffraction.

“It’s comparable to as if you are tensing the biceps for hours,” describes the pain therapist is a painful and kind of bizarre idea that if you imagine yourself as someone for hours on end, without a break to relax, his upper arms in the gym should be of steel.

But that’s exactly what happened with the hip flexors, if you sit for too long.

The seat wants to sit up at the end then at some point again and get up, you must work the back muscles particularly strong, against the now unyielding become hip flexors to arrive.

Sabine Barth man explains: “The spine to take, so to speak, the Position of a seesaw: It pulls from the front and the rear. This Zugverhältnis can lead to serious problems in the back to a blockage of the sacroiliac joint (ISG-Blockade).“

In addition, breakdown, verse, the buttocks, if the back extensors have to do a lot of balancing work, she says: “The Po is the largest muscle of the erector spinae. Tense this too much, not rarely, the sciatic nerve is pinched.“

What helps against shortened hip flexors

Prevention is the best medicine: During a long office day or long hours of Sitting and studying in the library, should you get up that’s why from time to time and plenty of occasions to stretch the legs.

In addition, fascial rolling, and massage can help to loosen the adhesions in the fascia.

By the additional use of acupuncture needles can even be, that already after a short time, significant improvements.

The A and O were but strains that could be run regularly, even alone, is Sabine Barth man for sure.

It is important to know that only after two-minutes Stretch of a muscle, the fascia will be mitgedehnt. As long as they should remain so at least in one Position.

Stretching exercises for the hip flexors with video examples of you can now everywhere in the Internet, so that for all physical conditions, something should be found.

For the easy entry, the Hamburger fascia specialist recommends, for example, the following simple Exercise:

  • Stand up straight,
  • place the hands on the Po and
  • stretch the back gently to the rear.

This is exactly stretched the part of the body, which has previously been bent by Sitting for so long.

The tension in the back to balance again, it is directly in connection to the hip flexor strain is a stretch for the back extensors velvet buttocks exercise, for example, by trying to touch it with straight legs with the tips of your fingers, the feet.

The long-term goal should eventually be the back through a lot of different movements undDehnungen to keep everyone supple, and to ensure that the tensile forces in the hip and back area remain balanced.

So many back, you can suffer not only reduce but even eliminate it entirely.

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