Power for muscles and the immune system: So you can eat with protein fit and healthy

Every day, champagne for Breakfast: I stopped time for a great new year’s resolution. It seemed to me to be a clever way to eat consciously. After all, a glass contains 0.2 grams of protein and it makes a good mood. Has decreased in this “champagne diet” but only the abdominal circumference of my wallets. My belly was thicker. And so I broke the fast with this intent: to be more original approach, but a little misleading.

Demand and Feed

My best Friends in the past few months, called Influenza, and Angina. That is why I have made up my mind for 2020 two things: more exercise and more protein-rich foods. Both builds muscles, and are important for our health. The reason is that muscles burn permanently calories even in your sleep and strengthen our immune system. To be able to afford to do so, they must be regularly challenged (Sport) and fed (proteins). A wholegrain-spelt bread, topped with lean ham and salad, or homemade Hummus with crunchy vegetables and a few nuts – perfect for in-between. And: Ideal protein Snacks for athletes – two hours before or after a training session.

To me it is not about a washing Board to be able to stomach like Cristiano Ronaldo show. A little raccoon belly, as my buddy Michl Mittermeier says, it’s okay if you move on a regular basis. I have set myself the goal to streamline my withered muscle tissue through activities such as Yoga, Jogging, or Biking, which are easy to integrate into everyday life. And I want to increase my daily dose of Protein. I’m afraid that my muscles are melting faster than the Greenland ice sheet. This favours the creation of fat cells, which in turn, may promote inflammation. A well maintained muscle substance is like our natural life insurance. With a rate of return paid on a daily basis even.

Protein is one of the three so-called macro-nutrients in addition to carbohydrates and fats. A Desk man as I should take per day is 0.8 grams of Protein per kilogram of body weight to be. What is not too difficult for our abundant food supply. Since, in principle, any food protein that contains can I take it to the for me best way to me – in the Form of fresh, home-cooked dishes. The about a salad with goat cheese and toasted pine can be nuts, or whole grain pasta with fried salmon in a herb sauce with oat cream. Expensive supplements such as protein shakes or protein bars need no man. Unless you hope to have a career in TV formats like “The Bachelor” or “Love Island” and have to create, therefore in the shortest period of time muscular massive mountains. A Daily Soap called “Good protein bad protein” is never run on any station. Protein is neutral, that is, taken by itself, is neither healthy nor unhealthy. Unless you overdo the Whole thing by a permanent consumption of high doses of protein powder. It is a fact that protein from animal sources such as fish, poultry, eggs or milk products easy to own Protein into the body for the organism. But even vegetarians and Vegans can meet their daily needs and very good, with plant proteins from legumes or Tofu.

Protein makes you happy

What protein is also distinguished: It is instrumental in the formation of the happiness hormone Serotonin. Where we feel the food, Yes, especially good luck if something is on the plate, which we love dearly. Often childhood memories are associated with it. I just need to rice with lobster sauce or roast chicken with potatoes AU gratin think I’m in luck to-noise. But unfortunately this applies also for part-baked Croissants with Butter and apricot jam, which there was in our home often on Sundays for Breakfast.

And now the good news: eating Healthy makes much happier. I have experienced this recently, as I was with two good friends in a small Local the best Dosa of my life ate. The great Indian Wraps were wheat gluten-free book and filled with spinach, Feta and Hummus. There was a colorful salad with Mango Dressing. Sensationally good! Also with regard to the protein content. A Feast for Body and Brain!

The Recipe: Veggie-Wrap “Spinosa” Indian Style

Dosa or Dosai is a specialty from the South of India. There, this puff to be eaten thin pancakes at any time of the day. There is Sambar, a Sauce with a lentil-tamarind base, and a variety of Chutneys, sweet-and-sour to spicy-spicy sauces in many variants. Like Dosa can also be served filled, usually with a spicy, pure vegan potato mixture.

Normally, Dosa are made from a fermented batter of rice and Urdbohnen. Since this takes a lot of time, I use for my Indian-inspired Wraps with a nutty-sweet dough made from chickpea flour, which is everywhere in the specialized trade in organic quality available. Chickpeas are highly protein – and fiber-rich legumes that are grown for us in Europe for a long time and food is appreciated. Among other things, is produced therefrom, and also Hummus. Tip: Without further ADO, you can also use a classic batter of milk, eggs and spelt flour, or gluten-free buckwheat flour.

The filling for these paper-thin pancakes consists of Hummus, Feta-cheese that is easily digestible and high in protein supplies, as well as spinach, a protein-rich vegetables – “EiTunes” for the body. In reference to the spinach and the Indian Dosa, my sister had to Véronique for the great idea to call these Oriental Veggie-Wraps “Spinosa”.

Recipe Veggie-Wrap “Spinosa” Indian Style of Max funny man

Quantity: 4 small servings. Preparation Time: 25 Minutes.

Ingredients for the dough:

150 ml of water

1 TBSP olive oil or other neutral vegetable oil

60 g chickpea flour

½ TSP Curry spice blend

1 Pinch Of Salt

Ingredients for the filling:

1 TBSP olive oil or other neutral vegetable oil

300 g of fresh spinach leaves – preferably baby spinach or 80 g of frozen leaf spinach

80 g Feta cheese, diced or fork-grained crushed

1 small diced onion or shallot (about 40 g)

1 small crushed clove of garlic

1 diced oyster mushroom (approximately 25 g) or alternative breeding fungus such as a mushroom

1 TSP sesame seeds (optional)

a little freshly grated nutmeg

a shot of water

Salt, Pepper

150 – 300 g ready-to Hummus, to the best of the Wraps range

Needed Kitchen Appliances:

1 bowl and 1 whisk or kitchen mixer

1 small ladle

1 small frying pan with nonstick coating, or a cast iron crepe pan

1 spatula

1 medium-sized pot


1. All the ingredients in a bowl with a whisk or a kitchen blender and thoroughly mix until a uniform mass is created. The dough then 15 minutes to get to the sources and let it rest. Tip: with a handful of finely chopped herbs such as parsley or coriander Refine.

2. Onion with the herbs, mushroom and sesame seeds with the Oil in the pot, sauté until translucent. Then a little shot of water and add to the boiling point briefly heat.

3. Fresh, washed spinach, add heat again to a Minimum, and with a closed lid cook 2 minutes. Tip: Frozen spinach takes longer, until it is completely thawed and warmed. Because of the defrost water, no further water is added, since the spinach suppt afterwards, otherwise “” and the filled Wraps aufwei thus, Chen.

4. Pot to the side and the spinach-mushroom mixture with salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste. Tip: with a small shot of cream (also oat or soy cream possible) Refine.

5. The Feta cheese under the spinach mix and then with the lid closed to keep warm without additional heat.

6. A shot of Oil on a kitchen paper and cover the pan for the Wraps grease.

7. Pan on medium to low heat. Then remove from heat and add a small ladle of dough in the center. The pan quickly circles until the batter has evenly up to the edge of the spread.

8. Pan back on the warm stove plate and the Wraps for about 2 minutes, until the dough leaves the edge of the lift and slight bubbles throws.

9. The Wrap turn, and about 1 Minute to Golden brown, ready to bake. Tip: The first Wrap is not usually the most beautiful. The changes in the following specimens, which can hold between two plates easily warm.

10. The pan with the kitchen towel to grease and repeat the procedure as long until the dough is used up.

11. The baked Wraps evenly with Hummus and sprinkle on the spinach-mushroom-Feta-filling to distribute.

12. The rolled-up Wraps and serve with a chutney (e.g. Mango or coconut), spicy reflecting the yogurt or a small salad with Mango Dressing.

More Max-Funny Man-Tips:

The Hummus in this recipe you can also replace by a spicy Avocado cream, Guacamole.

Of course, these Wraps can be for pleasure, mood, and season with a lot of other ingredients in the filling, for instance with eggplant cream and mashed sweet potatoes; with grilled vegetables and roasted oyster mushrooms; with breast of chicken and Savoy cabbage; with potato-horseradish puree, and smoked trout, or with minced meat sauce, and sharp herb. (Also read: Max Witzigmann: So eat Breakfast like a Champion)

This article was written by (Max Witzigmann)

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