20 pounds in a week: slimming record for ‘The Biggest Loser’

Currently, the eleventh season of the waning show &apos is;The Biggest Loser' on Sat.To see 1.

In fat camp this year sweating 18 candidates for a new, healthy body under the Greek sun.

And already in the second episode, a candidate was allowed to, thanks to its performance on a small title to look forward: Daniel from Springe in lower Saxony.

Record: 21,4 kg are down

Daniel's Motivation at the beginning of the season was: "I don’t want the number on the scale is up, but only goes down."

He has managed to do. 21.4 kilograms in a week, he not only lost properly weight and thus laid the Foundation for a healthier life.

Daniel cracked with this performance, in addition to the existing diminishing record of the shipment – and with plenty of distance.

At the beginning of the 30-Year-old all 203,8 Kilogram in Camp and on the scale. So he started this year as the heaviest contestant in the Show.

Even before he stepped on the scales and hoped that Daniel, therefore, to have a whole 15 pounds removed. The desire to fulfill self and although loose.

“I thought it was a clerical error. I could not understand it at all,“ said the 30-Year-old stunned.

Also the host of the season, Christine Theiss, was impressed. "This has never been done before," she says excited. So far, the weekly declining record was 17.6 kg.

Coach Ramin Abtin is happy for Daniel: "The has still never managed to one. This is a record for eternity, no one can catch him."

However, the other candidates were allowed to be proud of yourself. All lost a few Kilos. Some "nur" four, other, even, also in the double-digit range.

Decreasing record: water – instead of fat loss

Furthermore, with such a speed decrease is for the low stuff but probably very difficult.

In addition to body fat, Daniel should have within the week, especially a lot of water lost.

Anyone who is not severely overweight and in everyday life by using a healthy diet and do more exercise to lose weight should not go with such ideas on the matter.

Flash diets often do not keep long what they promise. To starve rather than radically to the bottom, it should rather be the Lifestyle in a holistic way changed in order to achieve long-term success.

Cornelia Bertram

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