Experts Reveal the Secret to Growing Your Hair the Natural Way!

If there’s one thing that we immediately noticed when we gaze at someone, it would be their hair. As the adage says, our hair serves as our crowning glory. That’s why most people spend more time and money to maintain their hair’s natural glow and growth.

But with our hair constantly gets exposed with dust, dirt, and sun’s glaring light rays, how can we keep our hair healthy and free from breakage, dandruff, and hair fall? Here’s what the hair experts have to say.

The Culprit

Before you start taking care of your hair, the hair experts reiterate the importance of identifying the culprit or the cause of your hair problems. If you’re suffering from breakage, it’s most likely caused by various factors, overexposure to chemicals, lack of moisture, heat damage, as well as poor hair care hygiene.

Meanwhile, a famous hairstylist in New York City, Anthony Dickey, styling your hair also contributes to the faster drying of your hair – making it prone to damage and breakage.

So if you’ve noticed some knots, split ends, and tangles in your hair, these are red flags signaling that your hair is extremely dry and you need to assess your hair-care routine the soonest possible.

You might want to think twice in pulling off that iconic Ariana Grande ponytail since your hair will be more prone to damage unless you have a dedicated hairstylist to take care of your hair.

While we also love to imitate our favorite celebrities’ hairstyles, the renowned celebrity hairstylist Vernon François warns people against it. According to him, unless you have a dedicated hairstylist or a health hair-care routine, you may be doing more damage to your hair than caring.

One notable hairstyle he noticed most people pull off is Ariana Grande’s iconic tight ponytail. This hairstyle triggers unnecessary tension on your roots and hairline – causing it to snap and break from your crown’s center.

If you really want to pull off this hairstyle, it’s recommended to comb your hair carefully and knot them not too tightly so that your hair won’t break. With that said, here are the hair care routine tips you can apply.

Co-Wash Your Hair Daily

According to François, it’s recommended to co-wash your hair with conditioner on a daily basis to keep it from drying. Since our hair is very fragile, co-washing helps keep your hair hydrated, especially this Winter Season where the cold, crisp air makes your hair dry easier.

François also says you should use shampoo every other day, as the chemicals can strip off your hair’s moisture. As much as possible, use sulfate-free shampoos or cream to keep your hair smooth and lubricated throughout the day.

Deep-condition Your Hair on a Weekly Basis

Deep-condition helps nourish your hair to deposit hydration into your scalp and roots.

Aside from co-washing your hair, the hair stylists recommend you should make some time to deep-condition your hair. You must put conditioner on your hair with a plastic cap while bathing in a warm shower, under the dryer, or even leave it overnight.

These steaming treatments help open up your hair cuticles and put the conditioner on your roots to nourish your hair. If your hair is dry, it’s recommended to apply hot oil on your scalp after rinsing off the conditioner. The oil helps seal the conditioner on your hair strands. You can also apply a rice water rinse to minimize your hair breakage and shedding.

Detangle Your Hair With Care

Contrary to popular belief, detangling while your hair is dry makes it more prone to breakage.

According to another celebrity hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood, it’s difficult to detangle your hair when it’s dry since it’s no longer hydrated. Your hair’s dry and rough texture makes it more prone to damage and breakage. Instead of combing and detangling it after you take a bath, do it while showering instead.

The combination of wet hair and conditioner makes it easier for you to comb and detangle your hair. Leatherwood recommends you split your hair into two parts first and detangle it carefully, then split it further into four.

Do not be so rash in detangling your hair. You should take your time and be gentle in combing from the roots to the strands. If you must, Leatherwood recommends using a Detangler Brush to ease the process.

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