The Affordable AF Secret Behind Jenna Dewan’s Incredible Brows

When it comes to #browspo, Jenna Dewan is our go-to and thankfully, the actor and dancer has just revealed the secret method and products she uses to achieve her flawless look in a YouTube tutorial. 

And it’s surprisingly easy (and affordable) to replicate. 

Jenna says that while she used to pluck them into oblivion, she’s now settled on the perfect her brow routine – so much so that her makeup artists will hand her the products, knowing only she can achieve her flawless brows.

The self-confessed “brow obsessed woman” currently sports a natural, effortless brow, which she says is inspired by fellow actress and model Brooke Shields.

In the footage, Jenna first uses a spoolie (aka a clean mascara wand) to brush the brow hairs up and out. 

Next, she uses the Anastasia Brow Definer Pencil to fill in the top of her brows, blending the product in with the same spoolie.

Finally, she uses a drugstore gel to set everything. Her product of choice is the Great Lash Clear Mascara, and whilst technically a clear mascara and not a brow gel, Jenna swears by it saying it lasts all day long. 

If she can’t get to these products, Jenna substitutes them for the Glossier Boy Brow. As for the spoolie, she’ll just use her fingers to brush the hairs up and down the sides.

The result? A long-lasting, natural looking brow that won’t break the bank. 

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