How To Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows, According To An Expert

When it comes to enduring beauty trends there’s no doubt that a bold brow is here for the long haul. So Women’s Health chatted to Hannah Mutze, Benefit’s National Brow Artist, about her best tips for nailing this defining facial feature.

How many different kinds of brow shapes are there, or at least the main ones?

Every pair of brows is unique making way for billions of shapes – however most brows can be categorised into of the following shapes: Straight, Softly Arched, Highly Arched or Curved.

How can you determine what the right shape for your face is? Is it always your natural shape?

I’m a big believer in working with your natural shape to achieve Brow Gold – however mother nature doesn’t always know what’s best when it comes to brow shaping. At Benefit, we use a technique called Brow Mapping to ensure the perfect shape every time. This technique works with your unique facial structure and natural brow shape to find where your brows should start, arch + end – three points crucial to finding the right shape for you.

What are the biggest mistakes you see women make when it comes to shaping their brows?

There are three: Scooped out arches, where women over tweeze underneath their arch and end up with too thin brows and a severely round shape; taking brows too far apart – this makes the eyes appear smaller and the nose wider; and short arches – where the highest points of the brows (arch) are too close to the centre of the face – longer arches work to frame and open the whole face!

What’s the best brow tip you swear by?

1. Have your brows tinted every 3-4 weeks, for natural looking, more defined + thicker brows sans makeup!
2. Keep your aches long – this one tip changes lives!

Do you see any new trends coming in brows or are thicker ones here to stay?

Thicker brows are here to stay – however waiting years for thickness that will never arrive is so 2017. Women are learning to embrace the natural shape, size and texture of their brows in 2018 – and experimenting more with brow styling + product application to achieve their ideal look. Texture can be created with subtle gold highlights as found in 3D Brow Tones, Thicker brows can be filled in using Precisely, My Brow Pencil and a Feathered finish is easy to create by brushing hairs UP!

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