What You Can Learn About a Man from His Zodiac Sign (That He Probably Wouldn’t Tell You Himself)

Forget stalking a guy’s Instagram feed for clues about his personality. You’re better off perusing his astrological chart, according to Astrobabe, a professional astrologist in New York City. 

While we bet most guys won’t cop to being stubborn, emotional, or dramatic on the first date, their zodiac sign might reveal just that.

Plus, many women are drawn to the same sign over and over again for a variety of reasons, Astrobabe says. (That might be why you constantly wind up dating guys born in April, or why you fell hard for your last boyfriend despite the fact that he wasn’t your physical type.)

Here’s what you need to know about your guy’s personality based on his sign—and what it says about you and your future relationship with him, too.

“If you’re constantly falling for Aries, you probably like their spontaneous energy and how they thrive on excitement,” Astrobabe says. Brace for some arguments, though. The ram tends to be more aggressive and you might butt heads with him, she cautions.

“If you’re going for Taurus, you want more stability—somebody who is reliable,” says Astrobabe. This sign also enjoys the “good life,” and appreciates a luxurious lifestyle. But heed the expression: These guys can be stubborn as a bull. They’re also not so keen on changing habits, Astrobabe says. (Read: This truly isn’t a guy you’ll want to try to change).

“You’re in the mood for conversation,” Astrobabe says. “Geminis are chatty, gossipy, and curious about the world. They live in their heads and they’re always interested in new and exciting things.” If you find yourself in a relationship rut, Geminis could be the boredom buster you’re looking for as they love variety.

“If you want to be around Cancer, you are probably looking for a family-oriented person,” Astrobabe says. “They’re caring, but can also be a little shy or reserved, and they’re cautious.” Cancers also like to laugh and have a good time, though they can be more emotional and moody than other signs, according to Astrobabe.

“If you’re going for Leos, then you are probably giving your energy and attention to somebody who really needs it all the time,” Astrobabe says. Or maybe you’re learning from Leo how to be a great leader. Leos can be very loyal and loving, and they often make good parents, she says. (Did you hear that, biological clock?) They’ve also got a dramatic side, so watch out for those roars.

“Virgos are the helpers,” Astrobabe says. “They want to clean everything up and make it better. They’re very generous with their time and like to help anybody in need.” This sign is also highly committed to their work and very detail-oriented.

“Libra needs a partner and thrives in one-on-one relationships,” says Astrobabe. They’ll also help you figure out your problems and are great decision-makers. They balance being both rational and emotional (hence their symbolism of the scales) and they like to create harmony, Astrobabe says. This sign may be a bit more vain than others. Libras tend to be very into appearances.


“Scorpio is very intense and emotional, and if you’re getting involved with one you’ll be dealing with that emotional upheaval,” says Astrobabe. If you go for Scorpios, you could be drawn to loyal partners, who also have a love for the mysterious. Be warned, though: If you hurt a Scorpio, you’ve created an enemy for life.

“If you’re going for Sagittarius, maybe you want to travel,” says Astrobabe. This cosmopolitan sign loves exploring philosophy, religion, and politics, she says. These outgoing guys love to share their opinions, are curious learners, and tend to be scholarly, Astrobabe says. Romantic getaway to Greece, anybody?

“Capricorn tends to be pretty practical, and they usually have a strategy,” says Astrobabe. If you’re drawn to this sign, you probably like down-to-earth guys who are apt at taking on responsibility. Some Capricorns also tend to be late-bloomers, she notes.

“If you’re going for an Aquarius, you want to take a walk on the wild, experimental side,” Astrobabe says. “Aquarians tend to be a little wacky.” They like to rebel and it’s not uncommon for Aquarians to be involved in social justice and humanitarian groups, she says. Aquarians also tend to have lots of friends.

“If you want to get involved with a Pisces, you’re getting with someone who is compassionate and empathetic,” Astrobabe says. Pisces tend to be the sensitive type. “They’re a good ear, but they can also bring a lot of emotional drama.”

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US.

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