Sport brings the metabolic rate for days in swing

A on the Sofa executed weekend does not inevitably have a negative impact on the character of – provided that you have been physically active: nerve cells that control the metabolism, show up to two days after the workout, a higher activity.

An animal study conducted by the Southwestern Medical Center of the University of Texas provides new insights into the role of the brain for Fitness: it shows that in mice up to two days after a single training unit neurons are active, which affect the metabolism positively. This is a unique Training, consisting of three times twenty minutes in the impeller, decreased the appetite of the mice for about six hours. Most of the people feel to the Sport, not hungry, according to the researchers. These results could be a Basis for therapies that improve the metabolism.

"It takes a lot of Training to verändern&quot the activity of these neurons;, Dr. Kevin Williams says neuro-scientist at the Southwestern Medical Center. "On the basis of our results, we would say that semi-intensive can bring Exercise benefits that can extend over days, in particular with regard to the glucose metabolism."

The researchers had examined in mice the effect of zero-to-ten days of the completed training units on two types of nerve cells. These neurons also regulate human metabolism, by taking on appetite, blood sugar and calorie consumption influence.