Oral Sex On Your Period: Men And Women Weigh In

A recent Men’s Health poll found that 60 percent of guys would be up for getting busy while Aunt Flo is in town. But what about a woman receiving oral sex during her period—does that change things? We decided to put the question to a bunch of men and women.

What Men Say

“I think women getting oral sex during their period is perfectly fine. It seems like a lot of guys—and maybe some women, too—are still very much in the dark about female anatomy and how the body functions. But the idea of sex or oral sex during a period never bothered me. Maybe when I was a teenager I would’ve thought it gross, but that probably had more to do with just being ignorant about all things sexual.” —Ted M.

“We all have limits…even me.” —Michael G.

“I personally know a few guys who are really into the idea of going down on a woman while she is on her period. [I’ve noticed that] by and large, most women are more sensitive and tend to orgasm harder close to or during her period—so I am guessing that is the draw for these guys. Personally, I say you’re getting a rain check ’til next week. Sorry, babe, but that is just how it is. I have been with enough women to know that as long as I am doing my duties down there for three weeks out of the month, skipping a week is not going to damage our relationship.” —Darren Michaels

“Giving my wife oral sex if she’s on her period doesn’t bother me. A woman’s clitoris isn’t near her vaginal opening, anyway, so if you’re careful, you’re not going to get smeared in blood—and even if you did, it’s only blood.” —Anonymous

“Oh, that’s an easy one. Guys live for oral sex while she’s on her period! Oh wait, you mean…oh, my.” —Jason M.

“Some men are so stupid. They don’t understand that blood comes from the vagina, not from the clitoris—duh! So if one is careful, it is certainly possible to please a woman at that time of the month without having any issues.” —Dan Nainan

What Women Say

“I’m not that into it, but I’m also not totally opposed.” —Anna M.

“If we are talking oral where his mouth is coming up red afterward, that’s gross. If we are talking, she took a shower immediately before and he is only licking her clitoris, I can dig it.” —Maliyka M.

“The idea of getting oral while I’m on my period absolutely horrifies and disgusts me. I would never let a guy put his mouth or even a finger near my vagina when I’m bleeding from it. I am totally okay with having sex on my period, but oral is a whole other ballgame that I completely stray away from.” —Sivan S.


“When I was younger, I didn’t think it was that a big deal. But now that I’m a little older and a mother—and maybe a little more self-conscious—definitely not!” —Amy P.

“Ew, gross. No way.” —Sabrina D.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US.

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