Mary J. Blige Shows Off Her Body In an Itty Bitty Bikini to Celebrate Her 50th Birthday

mary J blige bikini body

Mary J. Blige told Health in her October 2020 cover interview that she makes her body a priority, and she's not afraid to show it off—and clearly, that's the truth.

To celebrate her 50th birthday on Tuesday, Blige shared a series of Instagram shots posing in a metallic gold string bikini and rocking hip-length braids, looking as confident and vibrant as ever. The first photo is captioned "Tough love is the therapy!" and the heart emojis poured in from fans and friends alike.

"U look a freakin mazing!!!!!!!!!!" fellow singer Tamar Braxton commented on the second photo, captioned "#WhereTheMoneyReside." Fellow 50-something fitness enthusiast and actress Halle Berry also took time to chime in with "ICON" followed by several fire emojis.

The icing on the proverbial cake? Blige shared a risqué, yet empowering photograph of herself on Thursday wearing nothing but a figure-clinging black dress drenched in water. In the caption, she sends words of gratitudes to the thousands who wished her a happy birthday. "I have to thank everyone for the overwhelming amount of love sent my way for this milestone birthday. Words can't really express how much I appreciate you ALL!" Blige writes. "May God continue to protect you and yours, and bless you with all your wants, needs, and desires.
Love forever——MJB"

Blige likes to keep her workout routine simple, sticking to weight lifting to build muscle definition. "I like to look a certain way. So I have to do what I have to do," Blige previously told Health. "I do a lot of weights—heavy lifting. It keeps everything firm." As far as her daily nutrition, protein and veggies are key. "I eat a lot of protein," Blige says. "I drink a green juice every day. I've been a vegetable eater since I was a kid." But her love of veggies doesn't mean she never indulges. Her favorite dessert? "Vanilla ice cream and Coke. Or a fudge cupcake."

As far as where her confidence comes from, Blige relies on plenty of self-love. "That's learning how to love and hug yourself and say, 'You know what? I love you, Mary. I love you, Beautiful. I love you, Gorgeous. I love you, Smart Woman. I love you, Talented Woman,'" Blige says. "That's a practice I do every single day."

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