Listening to music makes you creative? Error!

The widespread view that listening to music promotes creativity, was made by scientists: their results after the background music has exactly the opposite effect. It was irrelevant whether it was pure instrumental music or well known music, which enabled the study participants in a good mood.

In the case of background music, the ability of study participants to solve tasks with verbal creativity was severely hampered. If the amount of Background noise from a library have been played back, this had no effect on their creativity, the result of which was published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology. The researchers suggest that music may disrupt verbal working memory, library noise, however, as "stationäre" Environment is not so distracting.

The nature of the music did not have an impact on the creative performance of the test persons. Even if you were treated by well-known music in a good mood, they could not use their skills optimally. The authors conclude: "In summary, we can say that the results represent the widespread view that music improves creativity." Instead, they showed that music is disturbing, regardless of their content – no, familiar or unfamiliar texts – creative problem solving problem consistently.

Psychologists from the UK and Sweden, were tested for effects of background music on performance, by giving people problems that urged their verbal creativity. So for example, you should to three words, such as "Glasses, Watch, Blume", a related word find, in this case, "Sonne". The researchers used the background music with unknown texts, with well-known texts or pure instrumental music. Compared to the results of which were noise with a quiet setting or the background of a library.