Hay fever: Why he could be this year’s particularly strong

Red eyes, runny nose and cough: The pollen Allergy for some is quite so present as usual in April or may. Why the hay fever 2019 not only starts early, but also particularly fierce could be.

Double-digit temperatures, some strong sun and no rain – before the meteorological start of spring on 1. In March, the concentration of alder pollen increased in some places in Germany to exceptionally high values.

In Berlin last week, had been measured in a single day, the highest ever since 1985, as measured by number of alder pollen in the air, says meteorologist Thomas Dümmel of the FU Berlin. The previous record of 2017, which was already an extreme value, has been exceeded accordingly.

The German Foundation for pollen information service recently reported in a prediction of "rarely observed Niveaus" when the concentration of alder pollen in the North – West German lowlands. The seasonal peak values were reached. As a reason, it was suspected that the kittens have matured due to spring-like conditions at almost the same time and the Pollen be distributed optimally.

Pollen-free Winter is getting shorter and shorter

"For Allergy sufferers it was not the Traumwinter", the Director of the Allergy centre of the Charité hospital in Berlin, Torsten Zuberbier stated, with a view to the largely mild weather conditions in most regions of Germany. "To were Christmas hazel pollen-plagued Allergy-free, except, perhaps, in the high mountains."

Since about 20 years, the Trend towards ever-shorter really pollen-free time in the Winter is going to continue, emphasizes making beer. The intensity of Pollen have increased. "You get the feeling that climate change has arrived. Plants love this weather." The trees used "Warmzeiten" for reproduction.

Which Pollen is the first to fly

On hazel and alder, which in the next time-decaying values to be expected, the Allergy-free fright birch: "You can now be expected that the birch is starting soon with full force to blühen", making beer says.

He expects one to two weeks earlier to Start flowering than usual, possibly in early March. Dümmel is not, however, from a Start before the middle, at the end of March – provided there are no cold period to come. Birch but in comparison to other trees considerably more Pollen at once.

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Allergic reactions already before the Pollen

Allergy sufferers should not be surprised, if you notice, even before the beginning of flowering time responses: "Even if in the air, no Pollen can be measured by sein&quot of all the genes in the vicinity of the trees present;, making beer says. In the case of the substances, people with allergies respond, he said, to the smallest, invisible to the human eye protein pieces in the pollen grain. "These particles can emit also before the beginning of flowering and the air carried werden", according to the scientist. Without the daily work in the garden, you can come with allergens in contact. "If the tree is in front of the window, that will be enough."

Hay fever affects according to the pollen information service about twelve million people in Germany, according to a study by the Robert Koch-Institute more than a Million Affected children and adolescents. The RKI provides allergic diseases as one of the most common health problems in children and adolescents. The Deposits have stabilised at a high level.

Pollen-Allergy – symptoms

The Hygiene is now regarded as one of the factors that favor the Emergence of allergies. Pollen is actually harmless, the sensitized immune system of Allergy sufferers switch, nevertheless, when in contact with the mucous membranes on defense: Watery, itchy eyes, Sneezing and severe cold are possible consequences.

The complaints can threaten them with time, especially if left untreated – in addition to the upper respiratory tract, the lower respiratory tract affect, and chronic Asthma.

What helps with hay fever

For Affected medications can take.

  • You can acute hay fever symptoms with tablets used to suppress so-called antihistamines.
  • Sometimes Doctors also prescribe medicines with cortisone against inflammation.
  • In addition, the so-called hyposensitization, as a rule, a longer duration of therapy is outside of the pollen season. This may lead after some time to the improvement of the signs of the disease.

But also on the Pollen coordinated behaviour can help to relieve the symptoms of hay fever:

  • You avoided during the pollen phase of the longer stays on the blooming meadows and fields.
  • You go after the rain the walk because the rain clears the air of airborne particles such as Pollen.
  • Also in the car, the Windows to be kept closed, under certain circumstances, a pollen filter installed.
  • You leave the Windows closed during the day and ventilate when there is less Pollen flying. City residents airing between six and eight o’clock. In the country the best time is between 19 and 24 clock. Tip: pollen grid, at least for the bedroom window, around 85 percent of the Pollen can keep.
  • Avoid to wear self-Pollen in the bedroom and during the night to suspend. This means washing: in the Evening, the hair, the clothes, switch off of the bedroom.
  • "Pulmonary doctors in Netz" advise to avoid foods such as local teas, or honey, if incompatibilities occur. Because such food may contain residues of pollen.

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